Important Kitchen Dimensions

Some of the most asked questions I’ve received recently are for the dimensions of our kitchen peninsula and the distance between the refrigerator and peninsula.  While I love reading and responding to emails, I wanted to make it easier for everyone to quickly access this information. 

It sounds like a lot of you have similarly sized spaces, and are looking for dimensions to see if a peninsula can work for you.  I’m going to give as much detail as I can, and also be completely honest about our space in the hopes that this helps!

Danks Honey Kitchen 004

To start, our completed kitchen is 11’ x 12’ 9”, this is measured from wall-to-wall and wall-to-edge-of-countertop-overhang.  

IKEA Home Planner Printout(I rotated it so that we’re looking at the same angle as above)

This was the way that I designed it in the Ikea software because I wanted to have the set dimensions, even though there isn’t a wall between the kitchen and dining room as shown at the bottom of the plan above.

Here are the dimensions of the refrigerator and peninsula:


There is a 34.5” space between the fridge and the edge of the peninsula counter. The counter has a 1” overhang, so the fridge is actually 35.5” from the cabinet edge.

The refrigerator cabinet is 24” and the refrigerator sticks out 4”.  We bought a counter depth refrigerator model to gain as much space as we could.  The handles stick out another 2” if this dimension is important to anyone. 

I mentioned during the planning that we briefly discussed switching the oven and refrigerator so the oven and flanking cabinets would sit in front of the peninsula.  We decided against this obviously, but technically it would have worked, but I didn’t like the idea of blocking the entire opening with an open hot oven. 

I convinced Mike to pose for a photo in front of the refrigerator to give a reference to the amount of space there is when the door is open.

Open-Refridgerator-DoorBesides moving the shoes behind the cabinets and wiping off the counters I didn’t stage this –case in point the towel hanging on the handle in the back.  I do that more often than not to keep it dry.

As you can see there’s more than enough room to stand comfortably in front with the doors completely open, as well as room to pass by.  One advantage to this set up is placing all the groceries on the peninsula counter (it makes the most sense anyways because it has the most room) and easily spinning around to put everything in the fridge.

I think this works because of the french door model refrigerator, as well as being counter depth.  I can’t comment on whether a regular size top or bottom freezer would be this spacious.  I’m pretty sure a side-by-side would be pretty much the same as what we have though.  We went from a small top freezer before renovating so our new fridge has been a huge improvement, but we’re also only 2 people, who generally have more take-out than fresh food (except for the Blue Apron meals every week) so we don’t notice a lack of fridge space having a counter depth model.

While I’m talking about our fridge, we’ve owned the Frigidaire Gallery (22.6-cu ft Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator with Single Ice Maker) for 2 years now and while we generally love it, we’re actually in the middle of waiting for a new ice maker since our broke a few weeks ago.  We bought the extended 3-year warranty from Lowe’s and really glad we did since we’ve had to call on a few minor issues.  I’m not sure we would buy the same model again, but I will only buy models with the Smudge-Proof™ stainless steel option.  I honestly never worry about fingerprints and only give the fridge a wipe down if I’m deep cleaning for a party or guests coming to stay.  We have the same finish on the oven and microwave and it is amazing!

I’ve had a couple questions relating to the peninsula overhang and wanted to share those dimensions as well.


While I kind of guessed on the base cabinet depth, I do know for a fact the counter overhang is 10”.  This is the largest we could do without adding extra supports (we have solid surface counters, so for something like most granite you’re limited to only 8”).  The counter is supported underneath with plywood, but we knew we wanted to fit as many stools as possible without supports like corbels in the way.  We also were limited by the dining room window bump out (seen in this older post).  While 3 adults sitting at the island is a little snug, it’s worth it to have the extra seating.

I hope I’ve helped anyone that’s been curious about specific dimensions, or for anyone in the middle of kitchen planning hoping to get the most efficient design out of their space.  If you have any other questions, please let me know and I’ll do my best to give you specific details!