KDH Family Build-Off–Challenge #1 WINNER

Build-Off Challenge #1 Header

It’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for, the winner of the first ever KDH Family Build-Off is:

Challenge #1 Winner

Final Tally

If you weren’t able to figure it out already, here’s who made each project, in the order of final rank:

Project #1: Eye Glass Holder – Dan (my brother)

Entry #1a

Project #2: Michael Scott – Mike

Entry #2a

Project #3: Display Board – Jana (my mom)

Entry #3a

Project #4: Air Plant Holder – Me!

Entry #4a

Thank you to everyone that voted!!

It was a valiant effort made my all, and it made for some fun competition between the family!

We’re ready for Round #2 and we have some more participants who are planning to join, (weather above 25 degrees makes everyone want to get outside and do things).

The topic has been chosen, and next round is: TRAVEL 

I’ll post the projects here for voting again probably around the end of May, so look for that later!

Bathroom Refresh

The title sounds like we need to clean the bathroom, but really I just want to refresh the accessories.  It’s stayed pretty much the same since we remodeled back in 2012.  But, for a while it’s felt a little too “hotel”.  Which is what I wanted at first, but the problem is there’s little personality.  And too many tchotchkes in my way on the counter!


I still like the bones of everything, but I realized I could freshen everything up by changing the 2 areas of accessories, the counter and behind the toilet.



The sponges have to go, (they collect nothing but dust).  The water carafe was still useful, and obviously we still needed some soap.  I liked the greenery on the toilet tank, but I wasn’t feeling the black and white pictures.

I’ve got a couple DIY projects (of course) I’m thinking about, and some store bought accessories to complete this little redo, stay tuned!

KDH Family Build-Off–Challenge #1 Reveal

It’s finally here!  After an extension due to some extreme weather in February up here in Ohio, here’s the the first KDH Family Build-Off Challenge Reveal!

Build-Off Challenge #1 Header
If you’re just tuning in, check out the competition announcement here.  But for a quick reminder, my family decided to start a friendly building competition.  We were all challenged to build something out of pallet wood based on the topic ‘The Office’, which was randomly selected from a list of topics everyone submitted.

The Rules:
  1. Projects will be turned in bi-monthly, on the last day of the month.  First project to be submitted Feb 28th. (Extended to March 22nd – reason “It’s too freakin cold”)
  2. Each project must be structurally made of pallet wood.
  3. Projects can have other materials added to them (metal, ceramic, glass, electronics, cloth, plastic, etc.) as long as it remains primarily made of pallet wood.
  4. Projects can be finished in any way you want (stain, paint, veneer, upholstery, etc.)
  5. Projects don't have to be complex to win. Simply gluing the wood together if you want is fine, they don't have to last forever. Obviously, everyone is not going to be at the same ability level, but while craftsmanship is important, we should focus more on creativity.
  6. No teams! This is a competition for individual creativity. Although help with power tools is allowed.
So, now it’s time to reveal the projects!  We only had 4 entries this time around: Dan, my mom Jana, Mike, and myself.  This is a competition based on creativity, not popularity, so we’ll reveal the participates responsible for each project after the voting is complete.  For now, here are the projects:

Project #1 – Eyeglass Holder

Entry #1aEntry #1bEntry #1c
Project #2 – Michael Scott Mural

Entry #2aEntry #2bEntry #2c
Project #3 – Display Board

Entry #3aEntry #3bEntry #3c
Project #4 – Air Plant Holder

Entry #4aEntry #4bEntry #4c
Now it’s your turn to vote!  Use the widget below to cast your vote. 

We’ll leave voting open for 1 week, until Sunday, March 29th.

Come back next Monday to see who built which project and who won the first KDH Family Build-Off Challenge!

We’ll also be announcing the next topic.  That’s right we’re already starting the second challenge! 

New Dining Table

I talked about it before, but I have a love/hate relationship with our dining table.  I love that it’s lasted so long, but I’m tired of the style and lack of room to grow.


I mentioned I’ve been wanting a round table with an extension and even found one on Craigslist for $50 last July.  But, when I got it home it was a little underwhelming:


It was 42”, so I knew I needed at least a 48” table with an extension.  I kept on my search and kept coming back to the Round to Oval X Base Extension Table from World Market:



It had the more modern base I was looking for, 48” round, with an extension leaf.  The problem was it was $599.  Way more than I was willing to spend.  I got tired of searching and months later I was in my local store and saw it was now 50% off, marked down to $299.  Not bad.  Then there was some storewide sale of 25% off anything over $300, plus some $10 reward I had and it was mine for $215!  Much better.

I had to take the truck to pick it up and it came in 2 large flat boxes.  I was already have Ikea flashbacks at this point, but I was excited for a new table!  Mike was out for the evening, but I decided to post the old table on facebook buy/sell group and it was sold for $100 less than 3 hours later. 

It wasn’t until around 10:30pm that Mike was able to help me get the giant boxes inside and I got so giddy I started installing them right away and pretty much live instagramed it I was so excited.


Ooohh, I love unboxing new furniture #diningtableupgrade

But, my attitude changed after seeing all the pieces of the base.


Boo, but I hate putting furniture together #didireallyneedanewtable

Then I really got discouraged when I saw my arch nemesis:


What the heck is this shit…hex wrenches, seriously? #iswearthisisntikea

But around 12:30am, and some manhandling help from Mike, I was done.


And it’s done! #FUhexwrench

The funny thing is, when I was about 3/4 of the way done, Mike casually mentioned that I probably had a hex key bit in my fancy new drill bit case I bought after Mike got me this set for Christmas.  Sure enough I did!

The table fits much better than the rectangular table did in the space, and we’re excited for the ability to enlarge it during parties.  The only problem we have is the grooved top:


Before we committed Mike and I researched some options, so we’re excited to try them out.  Hopefully they work and we don’t F the whole thing!

As for chairs, I looked long and hard for something modern, comfortable, and affordable.  And, I came full circle back to World Market and ordered 5 of these bad boys:

World Market Evie Chair


They’ll be in in a couple weeks so I’ll have an update once I have those put together as well.

For now, I’m just happy that after over 2 years searching for a round table, I finally have one that I’m (almost) completely happy with!

PS. For those keeping tabs, we missed the deadline for our KDH Family Build-Off challenge.  It was just too darn cold to get any work done up here!  Good news is, we’re all finishing up this week and should have the first project challenge ready for voting in the next week or so!