On a Hoppier Note

Sorry, but this post is not related to our house either.  But, it's my blog so I do what I want!

Just kidding.  I promise to do something house related very soon.  It's just, you know - when you get to the very end of a project and it's finally usable, but you're just so over the whole thing that you can't bring yourself to finish the very last things, like painting the shoe molding or sewing a shower curtain?  No, just me?  Sorry, but I have a major case of the procrastinations and cannot get motivated to finish the final steps needed to show complete after photos of the bathroom.  I even cleaned out the office closet, yeah it's that bad.

So, instead of completely ignoring my little blog, I thought I'd share something we did do recently.  And, it's DIY, in our house, and about us, so it's kinda blog worthy.

Brace yourselves, because Mike and I made a video.  Actually a video submission.  For a contest.  A contest about beer.  Imagine that.

So, a little craft brewery out in California called Sierra Nevada, (you may have heard of them before), runs a Beer Camp every year for 20 die-hard beer enthusiasts. In the words of Sierra Nevada, "Beer Camp is a 100% hands-on, beer-focused adventure".  Sounds like it would be right up Mike's alley, so I convinced him to enter.

To be selected to attend, you must submit a video using creativity and enthusiasm to explain why you should go to Beer Camp.  So of course, we got goofy, and there was paper mâché involved, and we made a little video.  I learned how to edit and threw in some fancy sound effects like I was James Cameron working on Avatar.

Why am I sharing all this?  Well, for one, this blog has always been about sharing the happenings over here are our first nest, and this is a happening.  And, also to beg for votes.  I'm not kidding.  Please vote for Mike, if not only to send him off to California to hang out with crazy beer people, but to give me a weekend by myself to finally finish the damn bathroom!

(Told you there was paper mâché)

But seriously, the video is pretty funny, and I think the lead actor is pretty hot, so if anything else go check it out for a good laugh!   Click here for a direct link to the video and to vote.  We came a little late in the game so we're behind some of the other videos, but you can vote once a day, and I voted on my phone and nook too, so get all those devices moving!

Adding Some Bling

With our everyday life making this bathroom renovation drag on for weeks, I thought it would be nice to come up with something fun and non-bathroom related.  That's why I wasted way too much time cruising the internet for some fun, girly metallic and sparkly accessories that could be added to any room to instantly increase the bling factor:

1. Marrakesh Honey Wallpaper | 2. Multi-Paned Mirror  | 3. Brass Tiered Pendant Shade | 4. Scalloped Glitter Garland | 5. Royal Obsession Throw Pillow | 6. Metallic Pouf | 7. Mercury Votive Holders | 8. Silver Leaf Side Table

If Mike wasn't allergic to feminine decor, it would be a lot of fun to add some of these blinged out accessories to our house.

Luckily for me, Mike isn't allergic to all things blingy and gave me the greatest accessory a girl could ask for - a diamond ring!!

That's right, after more than 4 years together we're finally making it official and getting married!  Hope no one minds, but this blog, (and Pinterest), may become my dumping ground for all things wedding in the near future.  But, don't worry, we couldn't stop DIY'ing and renovating if we tried, so you definitely won't get bored!