Boys and Their Toys

A couple weeks ago we kicked off the "Great Garage Build". I think the the most exciting part for Mike (and secretly me) was the equipment we needed to rent. Treating this project as one of his multi-million dollar projects at work, Mike created a schedule, complete with material and equipment loading, with a completion date of around mid-August.

To ensure completion, Mike gave himself, and our friend Norm, a whole three days to complete the foundation. To those not in the construction industry this is what we like to call "crazy". Mike scheduled not only digging of the footer, but an inspection and a concrete delivery, all within hours of each other on Friday. Somehow, the boys pulled it off and a big thanks went to these guys:

Mr. Skid Steer

Mr. Mini Excavator

Here are the boys doing what boys love to do: play in the dirt!

Swatch and Learn

I love the new trend of using paint swatches as decoration. Not only because you can't beat the price (free), but also the simple chic effect it creates.

I need a little color in our guest bedroom, it's a little graytastic at the moment, and I desperately want some pops of greens or yellows, or even subtle blues. So I did some reconnaissance at a local Sherwin Williams, (not my regular one - even though the paint swatches are free, I still felt weird about taking a handful). And grabbed some swatches that had colors that I liked. I also grabbed a couple bright ones for a mini project.

I started by removing the paper in the frame I bought from Tar-jay, on sale for $14. Then I simply taped the paint swatches down one at a time with cheap scotch tape. I then overlapped making sure to keep everything in a straight line.

After the whole section is covered, put back in the frame and you have a super cute and affordable (only $14 total!) piece of art.

Now I'm sure by now you've noticed that I said I wanted color and I went out and got blue/gray. I honestly didn't realize that it was almost the same color as the wall until after I put it up on the dresser. At least I know what I like! But, that's the beauty of the swatches, they're free! I think I'll grab some green ones this time, I just can't go back to the same SW or they'll ban me, I'm sure!

Here's a look after I sucked it up and went back to pilfer more swatches and added some more styling to the dresser.

Note: For a quick color swatch project, glue two back-to-back then round edges for a cute bookmark!

Secret Lovers

Our lives have become consumed with our house and garage, so it's nice when I find an occasion when I run to grab the camera for an un-house-related reason. On this particular occasion, I finally found proof of something I've been suspecting for awhile (since our roommates move-in to be precise). I casually walked into our bedroom and was awestruck when I found the cats sleeping in this position. I knew I should feel embarrassed, walking in on such an intimate moment, but I couldn't help it.

Thank goodness the camera was nearby, because Benelli caught on fast and tried to escape this public display of affection.

Here he is trying to retreat, while Cabela casually takes a bath, the feline equivalent of smoking a cigarette.

I knew Benelli would be the spooner.

Laying It On The Line

This is the first of many backyard posts, because "The Great Garage Build of 2010" has finally started. Before the fun stuff could go down, we had to lay out our level lines. Not the most exciting stuff, but it shows a good before picture.

These orange string lines created our dig lines and made sure the garage would be straight and the walls square. The wooden "H" sticking in the yard are called batter boards and hold the level lines.

The life of a batter board is pretty sad. You're made to serve one purpose, and when you've completed this task, your burned. Completely necessary? Not at all, but bonfires are always pretty cool nonetheless.

When In Rome

Shortly before we moved in we installed blinds throughout the house, finally giving us the much needed privacy. We chose the honeycomb cordless blinds for the ease of use (amazing) and overall look (fabulous). We even used our “Welcome to the Neighborhood” Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupon, wait for it, on the ENTIRE purchase. I hoard those mailed coupons like their going out of style, and nearly jumped off the porch when I found that golden ticket in the mail. I knew we should save it for a special purchase and our blinds we’re the perfect thing. Here is what the window looked like with just the honeycombs.

Though I love our blinds, they’re a bit lacking, so I’ve begun adding much needed curtains to snaz them up.  Since I’m completely lost as to what to do about the green living room (white, beige, a darker green, agh!) I began my snazification in the one room that I have a complete vision, the Guest Room.

I didn’t want anything to overpower the room, since I want a light and airy feel so I decided to try roman shades as a curtain above the window frame. After about an hour of drilling and sweating, (Mike was outside building the garage, so I was on my own), I finally got them up. And let me tell you that they look mighty nice if I do say so myself!

The beauty is that I can still have the look of the roman shades with the functionality of the honeycomb!