Archer’s Nursery

I’m excited to share my favorite room in the house.  I’m grateful I love it so much because I spend the most time in there these days #hello3amnursing!

Thanks to the short lived office redo, we started with a blank slate and white walls. 

Office Painted SW6203 Spare White
I had a general plan and theme (ha!) and started with the major components – crib, dresser, chair, and rug.  I chose a lot of white furniture, knowing that anything dark would be too heavy for this tiny room, and because of that I wanted to add some visual interest to one wall to break up the white.  I painted the only full wall a deep blue with left over paint I used for a piece of furniture that lived in the office for such a short time I have no photographic evidence! 

I bought the rug first and was lucky that the left over paint worked well together.  The wall took two coats, and because it was furniture paint, it had a pretty decent sheen to it, which I normally wouldn’t choose for a wall, but now that I’ve discovered how messy everything can get with a baby I’m not too upset over the extra protection next to the crib!

Once the main furniture pieces were in place it was just adding in the accessories. 

We added a bamboo blackout/cordless shade (above the light diffusing honeycomb shade not shown), some acrylic picture ledges for books, a shelf above the dresser, and another shelf next to the crib.

The dresser is from Ikea, and while it’s not specifically a changing table, but I prefer the extra height for changing Archie.  The felt ball garland from Hobby Lobby was placed there temporary because I was going to cut it up to use for a mobile above the crib, but the kid stares at that for a good 20 minutes every morning and it’s enough time for this mama to brush her teeth and hair and therefore it’s staying forever!

The triangle shelf is an awesome find from World Market and besides hiding the camera and the white noise machine, it’s basically decoration, but the fun part of a nursery is that kids toys can be the d├ęcor!  

Nursery Shelf
The light box was a gift from my mom and besides being perfect for parties, it serves as a nightlight.

Nursery Shelf 2
The closet was one area we didn’t skimp and our son literally has the best organized and most expensive closets in the house. 

Back when we moved in we used the cheaper ClosetMaid systems from Home Depot and Mike set up this closet supports 24” apart. 

This was a happy coincidence because I really wanted elfa drawers from The Container Store for the nursery and wouldn’t you know they’re 24” drawers, that after some research online, I read from others would fit the ClosetMaid support system we already installed!

We bought the drawers, a shelf and hanging rod from The Container Store and was able to reuse one of our shelves.  The finished picture above shows a better angle so that you can see the closet is deep enough for the drawers to open inside.  We have so much organization in this nursery I started hanging up random onsies that could easily be folded inside the dresser. 

While the main elements are pretty basic, the accessories have that collected/well-traveled look Mike and I wanted, and the textures (like the sheepskin and woven baskets) and whimsical items like the llamas have that Tibetan Sherpa vibe Mike specifically wanted.

The room is tiny, but has a big personality while still feeling as though it compliments the rest of the house.

Below is a list of the major sources: