Welcoming Baby Danks

Allow us to introduce the latest member of Danks and Honey, ARCHER LEE DANKS.

2 Days
It’s been 5 weeks today since Archer joined our family and we are even more in love with him each day.  We’re also starting to get acclimated to our family of four (can’t forget about Benelli!) and after a couple weeks at home, I’m figuring out how to get things done with a tiny human attached to me.

Archer is a mini copy of Mike and throughout the day I can see him making little Mike faces like the crinkle lines above his nose when he’s determined or concentrating on something.

As for the actual delivery, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  Due to some health issues, I was scheduled for induction at 39 weeks and having heard from some family and friends about their recent induction experiences I was prepared for the worst. In the end, Archie was ready to go and all set in place and Mike was an absolute rock star and the best support person!  It was a long process, about 20 1/2 hours, but as the cliché goes, it was all worth it.  So much so that the next night in recovery as Mike and I stared at Archer, we looked at each other and agreed that we should immediately have another!

Benelli has been awesome with the new addition, and for the most part has gotten over being an only fur child.  He hasn’t gotten too close to Archie, but he’ll come sit near us, like when I’m nursing, and follows me towards the noise when he’s fussing and crying.  He’s never been a huge fan of children or babies so we worried that he would hide for the most part, but he’s surprised us and just slightly modified his regular routine.

We began prepping the house and him months before Archer came home by putting all the baby gear out and letting him get used to them and the new smells.  When we were in the hospital Mike left to feed Benelli and to get me sushi (my first meal request!) and while he was home he brought a couple items that Archer had been wearing that had his scent on it and let Benelli smell the items while giving him treats.  When we came home, Mike carried Archer and the car seat in after me and I walked in and gave Benelli my full attention since I hadn’t seen him the longest.  He was very excited about the car seat and the new smell and was introduced to his brother when Archie began mewing inside.  It freaked B out for a second, but I think curiosity won out and he’s been slightly intrigued ever since.

1 Week
These days you can find us stealing baby snuggles and discovering his little personality as he takes in more of the world around him.  We can’t wait to see if he grows up to look like Mike or if he’ll have at least a few of my features, ha! 

I was able to get some photos of the finished nursery today as well, so I'll share the space that has become my new favorite room in the house.  Which is a good thing because I spend a large portion of my day (and night) there!