Danks & Honey & Baby!

It’s been pretty quiet around here and that’s because Mike and I are trying to wrap our heads around the fact that we’re having a baby!

We're so excited to start this adventure and have lots to share!

$50 Deck Fix

I’m still slowly putting my office back together, but with the weather finally cooperating we’ve spent a lot of time focusing getting the outdoors summer-ready.  Last year we created plant beds and filled them with mulch and this year our goal was to fill them up!  We’ve got almost all of the plants bought and in place, and a couple weeknights, or one good weekend, we’ll have it completed!

A last minute scope addition was to paint the posts and some of the girders of the deck.  It’s no secret that I’ve hated the deck stain since the mis-tint fiasco of 2015, but one thing that has bothered me even more is our laziness (time-crunch + frustration with the color) in not staining the posts and some of the beams the same color. 


As we were finalizing our plant plans I came up with a crazy idea to stain these posts/beam black so that they almost disappear.  Also, since they are covered from the elements we won’t have to restain them every time we do the rest of the deck because they won’t wear at the same rate, win-win!

I stopped by Sherwin Williams and grabbed a gallon of SuperDeck tinted black (I initially made the mistake of getting semi-transparent and it was way too transparent, I went back and a total of 3 oz of black made the stain almost solid – learn from me and just go solid!).  While Mike planted some shrubs near the front of the house, I got to work painting the posts.  When I stepped back, it was such a huge improvement I couldn’t believe we didn’t think of it sooner!




After I worked my way down the line, Mike was right behind me digging holes and planting everything, so it was even more of an improvement.  The black worked really well because the posts fade into the shadows underneath the deck, and it blends with the black mulch.



This area is behind where our garbage containers sit and the rubber matting is where the snow blower is housed during the summer.  The black stain really hides everything now!



On the other side we had this area that Mike wanted to keep open to store things, but it was such an eye sore for our sweet neighbor.  I convinced Mike to part with the old plastic chairs (that were such a hassle to get in and out) and he organized the ladder extension a little better as well.  We added some stepping stones to allow him easier access to getting the ladder and we’ll add some hostas that will make the area more tidy, but not to precious if he tramples them every once in a while. 



The additional arborvitaes really hid the underside of the deck, but painting everything black just helped camouflage even more.  Also, I hope I never have to paint behind them again now that they are all in place!

Overall, it took two afternoons to paint everything since we were doing it after work. But now that it’s complete I’m so happy with my last minute idea!

Office Progress | Walls Painted

I wasted no time after the doors were cured and rehung on their respective frames to paint the office walls.

Office Painted SW6203 Spare White

When we bought the house 7 years ago we painted everything before moving in.  Which means I had to pick every room color without any furniture.  Seven years ago I would have never painted a room white and while I knew I wanted this room to be neutral, beige was my safe choice.


Now, (like everyone else) I find myself drawn to white rooms and I chose Sherwin Williams - Spare White (SW6203) which is a creamy white with a slightly gray undertone.  My first thought was to use SW Alabaster like my sister did in her family room, but it has a beige undertone and living with beige for so long I wanted something that read a little cooler.


Even though the color wasn’t too dark before, it took 3 coats to get full coverage, also the paint was really thick which I don’t usually have trouble with so maybe it was just a bad can.  Either way, it was worth it because the room looks and feels completely different now.

Office Painted SW6203 Spare White 2

Spare White is just gray enough to offset the true white trim and everything looks so clean and modern now!  I’m super happy with the black doors in here and can’t wait to add gold accents and some greenery as well as more white and wood from the furniture I’ve selected

Office Painted SW6203 Spare White 3

The room is a small rectangle, only slightly longer than it is wide, so it’s hard to take photos in, but there’s a small closet, 1 window and the door to the hallway.  Our neighbor cut down the tree that used to be outside this window a couple years ago which was sad for the privacy/greenery, but it’s also allowed a lot more light to come in as well which has been nice.

I took all these photos with the overhead light on and the walls read a tiny bit warm.  With no artificial light, the walls are definitely a creamy, cool white.

Office Painted SW6203 Spare White - Natural Light

I’ve already laid out the rug and spent the weekend building the Ikea furniture, so I’ll share that progress soon, as well as another furniture piece which was a craigslist find that I’m hoping to paint this week.