Mike's the "engineer" who picks function over form, and can build or do just about anything Mallory throws at him.  He's what Mallory affectionately refers to as a "beer snob" after diving head first into the world of homebrewing a couple years ago.  When he's not tweaking his latest beer recipe, or building Mallory something, he likes dirtbiking, snowboarding, running after our two boys, Archer and Finn, and cuddling with our cat Benelli, (although don't tell anyone that last part 'cause he might lose some of his street cred).

Mallory's the "architect" with the design vision, and sneaks in a vase or gold tchotchke whenever Mike's not looking.  She's become somewhat of an expert at DIY'ing decor mostly because she's cheap and she comes from a long line of crafters.  Mallory likes Mike, her boys, wine, painting her nails, then getting said nails covered in paint from one house project or another, and walking around barefoot.  She's the writer/photographer of the blog, and because of that is rarely seen, save for a reflection here or there.   

Together we're Mike and Mallory Danks, two construction managers who love updating our 1973 builder-basic home.  We love making things: cheese, soap, wine/beer, babies ;) furniture, honey, (although technically our hive of bees do most the work), and anything else that we think is neat.  This blog is a shoot-off of our first blog, Our First Nest, and is our little spot to share our house updates, family updates, and whatever else we find interesting!