Nursery Planning and Picking a "Theme"

While my pregnancy has progressed (hello 6 months!) I’ve got the normal curiosity about how we’re prepping the house for baby.  A lot of people specifically have asked what is our nursery theme?  While picking a “theme” would make a lot of things easier, I never had planned to go this more traditional route.  My plan was to design a more masculine grown-up room and add layers of whimsy and fun in the decorations, toys, and books. 


Mike really surprised me one night when he shared the “theme” he wanted for our son’s room!

The room is small and, thanks to my impatience, already a blank slate from starting the office redo.  

I had the top image in my mind as inspiration and knew adding toys and colorful books would add the layer of "fun" I was looking for.  When Mike and I were discussing the room he surprised me by having his own, very distinct, opinion.  Not to say Mike having an opinion is surprising, anyone who's a longtime reader or knows him in person knows that he's very opinionated, but he usually lets me do my thing decorating because at this point he trusts me.  Even though he doesn't like some things I bring into the house, he recognizes that many people do and that I have relatively good taste.

His idea for a theme? Tibetian Sherpa. 

Ha! Let me explain.  He has this snowboarding game that he said is kinda the feel for what he had in mind.  It's called Alto's Adventure and it really does have visually cool and interesting graphics.  

Basically, Alto, a snowboarding Shepard, forgets to close his llama gate and they escape and he has to collect them all.

As we were talking, Mike said he doesn't want little sherpa's in the corners or kid-sized llamas, just the overall feel of the imagery of the game.  We talked about colors and textures like leather and fur and wouldn't you know it was basically the direction I was already going!

So while the "theme" is kind of a joke, it's also the direction we're heading and in addition to the basic colors and furniture, I'm sourcing a llama or two for fun!

We've got a lot of the major furniture, like a new rug, dresser and crib, either installed or en route and the room's painted, so now we work on adding a little Alto to the room!