Get Your 3D Glasses Ready!

While everyone patiently waits for our big kitchen reveal, I thought I'd share a layout for our house for those who haven't been able to make a visit and can't quite picture the set-up. I've also added (similar) colors to each room to show the overall flow and tentative furniture layouts. I've even added some 3D, not completely necessary, but everyone loves cool special effects, right?
Here's the ground floor. Don't be fooled by the roomy kitchen, there is definitely not that much floor space.

Here's the upstairs with similar colors and some basic furniture layouts:

Here's the basement that definitely needs some more TLC:

So it's like you're really there, without the dust and boxes in the way!

Note: If you want to make your own layouts and floor plans check out!

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  1. I had no idea such a site existed. Thanks. I adore your blog, btw. My husband sent me a link to the kitchen remodel post and I've been here for nearly 30 minutes now. Feel honored. I'm using valuable toddler napping time.