Garage Build Twenty-Ten | Part Five

This past weekend began at 7:00 am with the arrival of a concrete truck.  I might have felt bad for the neighbors, but as soon we finish the garage we can remove all the junk from our front porch and stop living like hillbillies.  Just before the concrete truck backed in, our friend's dad, Steve, and uncle, Greg, came with help, Bookie, and knowledge in pouring concrete floors.  Arriving a little later was Mike's dad and brother, and our friend Kyle, (who also showed up with mono - now that's a true friend)!

The truck backed up with the shoot inside the doorway and the boys then wheel barreled it to the back.  This was done for about 3/4 of the space, then the rest was poured straight from the shoot.  Here's Bookie manning the reload station.  He's 13 and put the rest of the guys to shame!  If we ever need laborers I'm definitely hiring this kid, not sure what the guys used to entice him down here at 7 am, but I gave him a couple donuts and he worked his butt off!

After the concrete was placed, it was then worked into the corners and raked and troweled to a smooth finish.

After the concrete was placed, Steve and Gary used some knee boards to shuffle around on their knees and finish the concrete.  This was done twice and I was too busy watching them, I didn't take any pictures!

After curing overnight, Mike cut the hardened concrete into quarters to prevent cracking.  It was loud and messy so the closest I wanted to be was our upstairs window.

Now that the floor is complete, we can have a garage door installed, install the man door, and put the siding up.  But don't tell Mike any of that, he has already started moving in and has even started some projects for inside!

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