Dressed to Impress

Everyone loves a good 'Before and After', and I hope I don't disappoint.  After a few finishing touches, like our DIY'd mirror from our last post, we're finally ready to show you our finished (well, for now) Guest Bedroom. 

Before we get to the good stuff, let's remind everyone what it looked like in the beginning:

The room had floor to floor carpeting, a homemade 'cedar' closet, sagging ceilings, and a headache-inducing ceiling fan.  And that was just at first glance. 

After replacing the ceilings and completely gutting the closet, we refinished the floors, fixed the cracked plaster walls, painted all the trim white, and added some 'Mindfull Gray' to the walls and moved our furniture in.

Usually I would immediately start to decorate with accessories, but this room came together pretty slowly.  We added the blinds and roman shades, then the white bedding.  The rest of the room came one piece at a time over the last few months. 

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the outcome.  And, although I promised Mike that if he let me buy the DwellStudio for Target pillows for the bed, I wouldn't build a headboard, after looking at the photos, I can't seem to stop thinking that's exactly what the bed needs!

So I'll stop my gabbing and finally show you the after pictures you've been waiting on:

Not only is the room our dressing room and guest bedroom, it's also one of Benelli's favorite rooms.  He loves to sleep on the bed, admire himself in the mirror:

And sit in the chair and look out the window:

Disclaimer: These photos were not staged.  I simply snapped the photos while he was running around the room, doing his own thing.

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