Coming Soon

To a backyard near us.  A while back you might have remembered I wrote about our designs for our deck.  Here's a picture using some online software to remind you what we had in mind:

After thinking it over, staking out our yard, and talking to some suppliers, we've tweaked our design a little bit.  Here's the latest, (and most likely final) design:

The most noticeable change is the removal of the second staircase along the left side.  We realized that we didn't need a designated staircase for going in and out of the backdoor from the garage.  We decided to extend the main stair along the front to add more stairs and allow easier flow from the driveway to the backdoor.  The angle of the newly added stairs follow the driveway so that the last step steps directly onto the drive.

We're still sorting through the quotes that we've gotten from a few local suppliers, as well as some of the big chains like Home Depot and Lowes.  We've already started preparing the lawn and hopefully we can start something within the the next month.  Which ever design we finally decide on, it'll be a million times better than the blah-ness we have now, (minus the snow), no?

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