Pinterest Challenge | Fall Edition

If you're my mom or one of my regular readers you may have noticed I've been a little absent in my postings.  Well thanks to a fun freezing rain front that hit Northeast Ohio a couple weeks ago, I got a nasty cold that knocked me down for about 10 days.  Then, my laptop hard drive crashed.  Then, this weekend I got hit with the flu that kicked my ass.  So in short, I've been slowly dying, with no computer to keep me company in my last moments.  That's why I had to finally get out of bed, shower, and show my immune systems what's up.

And I did just in time too, because last week the girls from Young House Love and Bower Power decided to fuel my Pinterest addiction with the announcement of the Pinterest Challenge: Fall Edition!

Like the Summer Edition, (see my projects here), the rules were the same: make something inspired by something found on Pinterest. The only problem I had was doing only one project.  But since I scoff at flu shots, I guess my sickness made sure I didn't go overboard.  

So, on to my project.  I had so many ideas that I didn't know where to start, until I stopped thinking and out of necessity found something to jazz up our front door for the fall.  Something that would work from Halloween all the way to Thanksgiving.  Because I like things to be multi-functional? Nooo, it's because I'm lazy.  That's why when I found this burlap bubble wreath, it was love at first sight. 

(From Today's Fabulous Finds, and pinned here on Pinterest)

I grabbed my supplies at Joann's, which included 1-1/2 yard of light tan burlap, 100 pins, (with large heads), and 1-12" foam wreath.  Since I have never before made a wreath, I figured I would just follow Janet's directions and be done.  But after I read them I got busy and a couple days past, but I had my material so I just starting going to town.  I remembered to cut the burlap into 4" squares:

Then I started folding.  From memory.  You can probably tell where this is going.

I started by folding the square diagonally:

Then I took the left corner and brought it to the front:

The right corner I folded towards the back:

Which made a little dart thingy.

At this point those that have seen Janet's bubble wreath may have noticed mine doesn't look quite like hers. It took me a couple more steps to realize mine weren't coming out very "bubbly".  I'll explain where the mix-up came from in a minute.  

So back to my fuzzy memories of the directions.  After folding the squares I placed a pin where my fingers where holding everything together and attached to the foam wreath.  This is the worst photo, but in my defense I was sick and doing everything one-handed, while fending off the cat.  Okay, proceed.

I didn't pin in any particular order, just filled in as I went.  It was when I got to about this spot that I realized my "bubbles" were more "darty" and pointed then Janet's.  All very technical terms here.

I finally broke down and stopped folding long enough to look up the real directions.  That's when I realized I was folding them wrong.  I completely embarrassed myself and made a little video to show you how I was folding them.  Now remember I was sick, so I was all nasally and sounded like I was pinching my nose the whole time, so don't laugh, too hard.

Now I'll show you how you're supposed to fold them:

Here's both types of folds pinned to the wreath:

I have to admit I kinda dig mine.  And not in a "only a mom could love that face" kinda way.  I think it's a little funkier with the pointier fold.  So instead of completely starting over and throwing everything thing in a heap in the trash, I forged on and continued pinning, moving around the wreath and hiding the pin heads as I went.

After it was full, (exactly 97 squares+pins later) I added two pieces of ribbon on the back, (with two of the left over pins), and tied the pieces in a bow.  I used a Command hook to hang on the door and then quickly shut the door so I didn't hurt my brain anymore with meaningless debates of which fold is more pointy or bubbly.

What do you think?

I guess since I started out by hoping to merely mimic Janet's cute wreath but came up with my own take on it, I followed all the rules this time.  If you want to play along, you can visit any of the hosts and see what everyone else came up with:

Katie (Bower Power), Sherry (Young House Love), Ana ( and Erin (House of Earnest).


  1. I love that you did it sightly different! I think it looks BOMB!

  2. Wow, I love your take on this. I'm loving burlap right now (I've got 5 yards stashed away right now) so I'll have to give this a try :)