10 Things I Hate About...My Bathroom

1. The 12 different wall finishes.  Okay, so 12 is a bit of an exaggeration, but there are 5, which is pretty excessive for a smaller bathroom, (or any size bathroom in my opinion).  We have white wall tile, yellow wall tile, green paint, green and white stripped wallpaper, and finally some green and white toile wallpaper thrown in for kicks.  The worst is behind the door, where they all meet up.

2. The vanity speaker.  A really weird 1970's addition, (the last time the bathroom was touched).  Cool idea, but obviously not i-anything compatible.  When we moved in it wasn't hooked up to anything and the wires just kinda hung down in the cabinet.  We removed the wires and took the dial off and Benelli uses it as a daily scratching post (he's declawed so it doesn't tear it up at all).  Even though I hate it, this is the only thing that I'm going to be sad about seeing thrown into the trash.  I know Benelli will hate us for weeks when we get rid of it.  He'll get over it.

3. The crappy drawers.  The whole vanity is about 40 years old so it's no surprise that the drawers are starting to not function properly.  It's just really annoying.  Some slide effortlessly, some need a lot of elbow grease.  The biggest drawer's bottom slide is broken so every time it opens, this happens:

4. The hardware.  They're so ugly.  They don't match the rest of the chrome fixtures.  And, most annoying, sometimes the cords from my curling iron or hair dryer will get caught when I'm trying to do my hair and my whole body will jerk because I expect it's going to reach my head and it doesn't.  Not a good thing when you're half-asleep and using a hot curling iron next to your face.

(The edges of the drawers look dusty, but that's just the edging of the particle board the vanity is made out of - just one more thing I hate about them.)

5. The giant, dark, cabinet as the first thing you see.  I've talked about this before, but we love the storage the giant cabinet gives, but it's a little assaulting to the eyes being the first thing you see when you open the door and walk in.  It's big and dark and sucks the life, I mean light out of the room. 

(Benelli hates it too.)

6. The dark shower.  The boob lights are the only lights in the room.  This means when the shower curtain is closed the shower's a little dark.  We've even been using only a plastic frosted curtain which allows some light, but not enough.  We plan to add an overhead light/fan combo to bring some more light in.

7. The mold-producing fan.  Not that we have any mold, but if we used the fan we could potentially be allowing mold to form in the attic.  We found out during our home inspection that each of the bathroom fans vent straight into the attic, so we haven't used them at all.  Kind of defeats the purpose of having a fan.  We obviously plan to get a new fan and vent it correctly while we have all the walls and ceiling opened up. 

8. The colors.  This kind of falls into the different finishes category, but the colors are ugly.  Like, puke green and baby food yellow, ugly.  And that yellow is the first color you see when you walk in.

9. The faucet.  I HATE this faucet.  Not that it doesn't provide hot and cold water like it's supposed to, it's just a pain in the butt to clean.  This is definitely one of those things that you don't realize until you live with it for 2 years.  But with a chrome finish, every loose water drop shows up, and all the little spaces make it impossible for a quick clean-up.  That's why the one we are eying only has one handle, and a satin finish.

10. Boob lights.  I know many people like them, but I'm not a fan.  Especially when two of them reflected in the giant mirror looks like some sort of weird teenage boy's dream.  I mean, why do they have to make the little finial things look like nipples?!

And one thing I don't hate:

1. The layout.  The original builder did at least one thing right, the layout of the room is the best usage of the space.  We won't be changing it.  We're hoping to shift things a couple inches here and there, but everything is staying in the same area.  The only change to the layout we have planned is the removal of the chimney which sits between the bathroom and guest room.  This is going to be opened into the bathroom and used as a shelving space, (probably the biggest change to the way we use the current bath right now - majority of the storage behind the door).

Although we planned on taking our time and getting a few things in order before the renovation, the purchase of the vanity really got us chomping at the bit.  This weekend I already cleaned and prepared the basement bathroom and moved all of our stuff down there.  And, I'll go into more detail later, but we've already got a big chunk of the demo done!!

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