I'll Huff and I'll Puff and I'll...

Blow your deck furniture over.

On Monday it was windy.  I mean really windy, like wind gusts at 45 to 55 mph.  I currently work in a construction trailer on site while we build a parking deck and it was loud.  We had one gust that tore one of the doors off the closer.  Other than that we didn't have any damage, except for a very messed up hair do after running in from my car.  I realize that trailers are built a little less sturdy than our 84-year-old house, so when I got home I wasn't too concerned about damages during some of the louder gusts.  I'm not sure how I didn't hear this, but an hour after I got home I walked through the kitchen and saw this on the deck:

The wind picked up the table (probably from the umbrella, which was not up) and the chairs and when the table dropped the tampered glass top shattered into thousands of little pieces.   

Our deck is the width of the house, so about 25' wide.  Here's the distance the table and chairs traveled:

I kinda stood there for a couple moments wondering what the heck to do.  It was still really windy out so I was afraid that I would make more of a mess if I started sweeping up the glass, not to mention how we were going to prevent more glass from falling underneath the deck through the deck boards.  So I did what I usually do in small crises like this: I waited for Mike to get home.

We ended up shop-vaccing everything, including the deck, driveway, and even the grass.  I'm sure our neighbors are used to our antics so this didn't look too strange.  Even though we probably spent about 2 hours vacuuming and sweeping, I'm still finding small chunks of glass.  We're just hoping we don't find any in our tires or feet.

If you remember when I debuted the deck I talked about our plans for a new dining table in a couple of years.   Well, it looks like it will be a lot sooner since this is our first full summer with the deck and we're not planning on wasting it!  We're still discussing what our plan is, (and still coming out of the shock of loosing the glass table), but when we have an idea, I'll let you know!

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