Adding Some Bling

With our everyday life making this bathroom renovation drag on for weeks, I thought it would be nice to come up with something fun and non-bathroom related.  That's why I wasted way too much time cruising the internet for some fun, girly metallic and sparkly accessories that could be added to any room to instantly increase the bling factor:

1. Marrakesh Honey Wallpaper | 2. Multi-Paned Mirror  | 3. Brass Tiered Pendant Shade | 4. Scalloped Glitter Garland | 5. Royal Obsession Throw Pillow | 6. Metallic Pouf | 7. Mercury Votive Holders | 8. Silver Leaf Side Table

If Mike wasn't allergic to feminine decor, it would be a lot of fun to add some of these blinged out accessories to our house.

Luckily for me, Mike isn't allergic to all things blingy and gave me the greatest accessory a girl could ask for - a diamond ring!!

That's right, after more than 4 years together we're finally making it official and getting married!  Hope no one minds, but this blog, (and Pinterest), may become my dumping ground for all things wedding in the near future.  But, don't worry, we couldn't stop DIY'ing and renovating if we tried, so you definitely won't get bored!

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