Our Dusty Little Secret

I'm a little backlogged on posts that I need to write.  We've been working every night on this basement and we are ready for it to be over.  Every time we think we're making a lot of progress we remember that we have 5 spaces, (including the stairwell) to complete and we get bummed again.  Since we're gluttons for punishment, (and over-sharers) we figured we might as well add the laundry room into the makeover and I thought it was high time to show you the mess space we're working with.

Since the basement project started we had to do some rearranging.  The biggest task was moving the behemoth of a sectional upstairs. 

As for the rest of the stuff in the basement we didn't think twice about stuffing it all into the laundry room.  Since the room is basically storage and laundry, I didn't see a problem.  That is until the chaos of disorganization makes you finally want to scream.

Here's what we've been hiding for the last couple months.

I have not hated doing laundry so much as I do right now.  I used to have a table where the chest freezer is and could set the laundry that needed folded up there.  Now there's space for a couple baskets on top.  We don't even like to put the baskets on the floor because it's gotten so dusty from all the concrete cutting and drywall sanding.

You can see the amount of dirt that has gotten into this room by how dusty all of our liquor bottles are, and before you think we're crazy alcoholics by all the bottles, our neighbor takes care of the elderly and was helping one of her clients clean out her cabinets and gave us about 80% of those bottles, (the other 20% are mostly wine bottles), a lot of them are things like sole gin that I have yet to figure out how to use.  So, we don't drink that much, we just can't pass up free liquor!

You can see behind the filing cabinet and water heater the new wall built for the beer cave.  Not that we used that space for any serious storage, we did have things like the snowboards and skis, that we now have to figure out where to store.

Since we had to clean this room up after the concrete cutting and sanding dust bomb, we figured the easiest way would be to move everything into the new family room, (before the flooring is installed), and clean everything up as it came back into the room.  Most people wouldn't be this crazy, but we're insane and this is the best way to make sure everything it clean, (60% of the stuff in here is homebrew things so it's got to be super clean anyways).

Well the day of reckoning was upon us once the room was primed, the ceilings were painted, and the lights we in.  It actually only took Mike and I about an hour to move everything from the laundry room into the middle of the room.

Since the room is the barest we've seen it since moving in we decided to touch up the paint on the walls and repaint the floor, (which we did before moving in, but have had some major spots get beat up).

I'll paint the walls around whats left.  We've left the washer/dryer and the kegerators for now, and plan to finish all the outstanding laundry before moving them out to paint the floor.  The kegerators are actually being sold since bit the bullet and bought the larger chest freezer for the new beer cave.  We'll move those directly out to the garage when we move the new one into it's permanent home.

Now that everything is moved out it's nice to see what were working with.

Mike added a couple sheets of left over drywall from the family room to the back wall to finish out the space.  I'll paint it the same color as the walls since we still have about a gallon of the paint leftover from when we painted when we moved in.

You can see that the floor paint has come off in a couple spots, to show the red paint that was there before, (eww).  The large area above actually happened when we had Benelli's litter box down here and it sat on a large rubber mat.  The mat got stuck to the floor, (it had a sticky-like quality, probably so that the cat doesn't push it all over the house), and pulled up the paint when we moved it, ugh!  (We've since thrown it out not to ever happen again!)

I just had to throw that last photo in since I've never been able to stand in that spot since we've moved in.  The door is actually a pocket door Mike installed a year or two ago and will get trimmed out on both sides. 

Now that all the junk is out, we're anxious to repaint and clean everything to put it all back in.  We're working on finishing all of our laundry and figuring out where to put the two keg freezers before we move those big guys out.  It'll be nice to have everything out and have a chance to paint and clean, and reorganize everything, but with it sitting in the middle of the room, it's made progress on the other rooms a pain in the butt.  Not stopping us though, just a hassle to work around.  Can't slow us down!

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