What the Heck Google?

I'm sure you've noticed that something is amiss over here.  I recently noticed that all my older photos look like this:

The only thing I can think of is that I was prompted to update to Google+, I did, didn't like it, converted back, and when they asked me am I really super sure that I want to go back even though they were going to delete everything associated with my Google+ account I was confident nothing would happen since I didn't do anything within the Google+ account.  I think it converted all my picasso pictures over to the + and then when I switched back, poof, they were all gone.

I tell myself that it's not my fault.

I really have no idea if I even have the old photos anymore.  I'm still working through all that.  So, use my tale as a cautionary one.  Don't go to the dark side unless you're sure you want to stay there.

I'm working behind the scenes on some major changes over here, on top of just getting it back to normal, ugh.  And, I owe you all a bunch of posts, including some wedding related stuff, a lot of small projects, a room reveal, and an update on a major room that we've recently started working on.  Let's say it's caused us to make a lot more microwave meals, and rhymes with Fitchen Femodel.

And, because I can't have that damn triangle be the only photo in this post, here's a sneak peak at what a typical evening looks like nowadays:

Thanks for sticking with us!!

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  1. I wondered how long it would be until that kitchen had to go! What on earth is Mike going to do with himself after he gets the house finished? LOL!