Kitchen Renovation | Painting and Pulls

Mike has been the driving force behind this kitchen for the last 3 months.  He's the demo and construction guy, and while I help out where I can, it's Mike who gets stuff done.  That is up until now.

I've mentioned before that Mike doesn't paint.  It's okay, because I don't really demo.  We all have our strengths.

Mike got me up to this point, and it was my turn to take over.

On the list was to paint the trim white, paint the crown to match the upper cabinets, touch up the wall paint, and finally paint the door!  It's been 4 years since we installed that door and we're just now painting it!

To add to my list, I also have to paint the walls in the dining room and decided to repaint all the trim as well.  I didn't want crisp fresh white sitting next to 4 year old trim.

My first task was matching the Ikea Adel cabinets to a paint color.  Lindsay from Little House Blog, says that Benjamin Moore 'Paper Mache' is a perfect match to Adel cabinets.  But, since I ran around to 3 different stores, I've learned that my local stores are slowly removing the BM line, and none carried the Aura line that I guess 'Paper Mache' is.  I decided to go back to my comfort zone and had Sherwin Williams color match it.  I took a scrap piece of cover panel and they used their little computer color thingie to do their magic.  Since I use the contractor's line, ProMar 200, I got the low-sheen finish, which is like a satin, but a little sheen to it.  Here's the important information for anyone who finds themselves in my predicament.

The guy asked if I wanted to save the color and I even named it Ikea Adel.  Because I get contractor's pricing, it's cheaper for me to buy a gallon, but to do 2 coats on all the crown I didn't even make a dent, so a quart would be more than enough.

Now the crown looks seamless and gives the cabinets the custom look we were hoping for.

You can see next to the white trim, how off-white the Adel cabinets really are. 

Something else you can see is the cabinet pulls we installed.

We went with these from Lowe's.

They are both modern, yet traditional, and look great on the white upper cabinets, but even more awesome on the lowers.

Since they are "special order", (something I found out when I went to our local store), I ordered while I was at work and counted perfectly the correct number of doors and drawers from memory.  It would have worked out perfectly, but when they arrived they were a little smaller than what we were expecting.  It's not something that made that big of a difference on most of the doors, but our large drawers in the peninsula looked weird so I decided to use two per drawer, making my number 2 pulls short.

Mike already drilled the holes, so when the new ones arrive in 10 days, we'll only need to screw them in.

Since all the painting is complete in the room, (except for the door, which requires a little warmer weather than the 20's we've been having), we're officially ready for the counter tops which are scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Obviously we have a little clean-up to do before then, but compared to all that we've done to this point that's nothing.

I'm hoping to check back in on Friday with the counter top photos, we seriously CAN.NOT.WAIT!


  1. Wow! You guys are good! I've got some reading to catch up on for sure. I love the cabinets and pulls.

  2. Hello, beautiful kitchen! We're about to redo ours with the new version of these cabinets - which is also off white and not true white. If I have the off white lowers, do you think it's okay to have a mainly white quartz counter or will the contrast be ugly? I'm glad to see you didn't paint the trim around the door and window and it still looks pretty. I also have white trim and wondered if I'd have to re paint all to match the cabinets... Thanks!

    1. I like the contrast between the white trim and cabinets, so I think you'll be fine with a white quartz counter. I haven't seen the new cabinet line so I'm not sure if the "Ikea White" is close to the Adel cabinets I have, but I think white contrasts well with almost anything!