Pendants, Pendants, Everywhere!

I thought I'd zoom out on the photos of my last post and share the lighting situation over the peninsula.

Like I mentioned on my mood board, we wanted something a little modern/industrial, but still fit with the more historical aspects of our older home.  These clear globe pendants from Etsy fit the bill perfectly.  It might look like we hung them a little high from the above angle, but they sit right above eye level for both Mike and my 5'7" heights.

I love the simple architectural impact they make, while also visually letting the kitchen remain open to the dining room.

We bought Edison lights from Home Depot and they give off a nice warm glow when turned on.

Our favorite part is that the filaments get reflected inside the globe below the bulb, and look really neat in person.

We don't use them that often now that it's light outside again, but when we're eating dinner at the peninsula, which is mostly where we eat now, or have people over, we turn them on.  Mostly for the ambiance.  

Since we had such awesome lighting over the peninsula, we knew we had to have something equally great in the dining room.  I almost settled many times, but I finally found the winner at World Market one day.

Obviously, these were taken before the kitchen pictures, and yes, we are still getting snow in April.  Will it ever end?!  These are also the "before" pictures of our now installed curtains, thank goodness!

While it has a slightly funky shape, this pendant isn't that crazy, until you get a little closer.

That's right, gold!

I've been on a gold kick, (much to Mike's chagrin), and I loved the simplicity of this pendant, but especially the unexpected gold inside.  It looks nice turned off, but literally glows when it's on.

The gold, is a nice deep color too.  Very rich looking, not cheap like it'll flake off.

It's gives off a lot less light than our old fan/light, but with the two rooms, now one big one, we didn't need anything more than something to light up the table.  It's weird because it only uses one little 60 watt bulb, but gives off a lot of glow.

So, now I've shared the lighting over the peninsula and the dining room pendant.  We still have more lighting in the kitchen area, but nothing worth a whole post, so I'll save that for a different time.  Now that the weather is warming up, I'm finally able to finish the last couple of outstanding items, some the require spray painting.  I should be able to show more finished areas of the kitchen soon!

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