Our Christmas Card

Since our house was a little messy last Christmas and I didn’t decorate, this year I insisted everyone come to our house to open presents.  It made me excited to decorate and also gave us a kick in the butts to finish those lingering items on our home improvement list.  We spent this past weekend getting things ready and after the new year I’ll share all those projects we’ve been doing.

For now, I’ll share our Christmas card we sent out this year.  We didn’t have any fancy photos of us like last year, so I went with the infograph year-in-review style.


The biggest thing to happen this year was obviously our kitchen remodel, that’s why I mentioned it, but also made the joke about all the dinners made at home.  We seriously have never eaten at home so often!

We had to reach to think about things for each of us to include about ourselves, and one of the things I kept thinking was, “Anyone who reads the blog already knows most of this stuff about us!” so I included the blog address.  Most of my readers are my family, but sometimes they forget to check in!  I also noticed that I’ve written more posts this past year, than any of the previous years.  Not news worthy really, it’s just interesting to me!

It also shows that I really enjoy this little community created here and I really like sharing what we’re up to.  And, people keep visiting so I’m going to keep sharing!

Thanks for following along this year and from the Danks’, Mike, myself, and Benelli.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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