DIY Leather and Gold Color block Mouse Pad

I’ve been tidying up my office at work and switching some things out that better reflect my style.  Nothing crazy just small changes here and there.  I realized that one of the things that I look at all day is in desperate need of an upgrade – my mouse pad.  It still did it’s function, so I set out to update it to a more modern look.

DIY Color Block Mouse Pad

I originally thought I’d just buy a new one.  Sometimes it’s just easier than DIYing to be honest, but I couldn’t find any cute ones still available.  I fell hard for this one from Freshly Picked, but they are sold out.

Leather and Gold Inspo


I loved the leather and gold color block, but the great thing about using vinyl and paint is, you can do whatever color you want. 

It was also easy because I figured I hated the design I’ve got now, so if I mess it up, I could just buy a new one like my original plan.

Mouse Pad Before

I bought 1/3 of a yard of brown leather-looking vinyl.  It was $16.99/yard, but such a small piece, plus the usual Joann’s app coupon brought it down close to $2.50.  I cleaned the mouse pad with some vinegar, then sprayed adhesive on it.  I laid it flat on the backside of the leather and cut off the excess.

Mouse Pad During

Vinyl vs leather

I then taped off half and painted 3 coats of Martha Stewart Gold Metallic Paint

Before it dried I peeled off the tape and set aside to dry completely.  After it dried, I taped it again, but just a hair off of my original edge.  I was worried that constant rolling back and forth over the edge would make it peel, so I wanted to seal the edge too.

I then mod podged the gold and let it dry again.

The thin layers of paint left the vinyl texture visible, which I like.

Mouse Pad Closeup

Now I have a “new” modern looking mouse pad for less than $3!  It took me one evening after work, and knowing how easy it was I wish I had done it ages ago!

Mouse Pad After

Now that I know how well vinyl takes paint, and how great the metallic paint looks, I’m trying to figure out what else to cover up.  Mike better watch his mouse pad, or he’ll get a little makeover too!

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