Drone Flyover

Sorry for the radio silence, Mike and I jetted off to Cozumel, Mexico to watch my brother and my new sister-in-law get married a couple weeks ago!  We’re experiencing the “vacation is over - now back to the real world” blues (is that a real thing?) so we really haven’t gotten any projects done worth sharing.

Before we left though, Mike bought an SJCAM (a cheapy GoPro) to get some shots while we were doing all the fun things down in Mexico (we went scuba diving and Mike got the coolest sea turtle video!!).  We decided it would be cool to hook it up to the drone Mike bought on Craigslist last year, (because why not?!) and do a flyover of the house.

We don’t have a gimbal yet so every adjustment is noticed, which doesn’t make for the most *ahem* smooth video, but we had fun shooting it, and I got some more practice editing, you know, for the sea turtle videos!

 Music: www.bensound.com

Our drone has been acting up lately and loses signal pretty easily, so we just sent it out for repair, but we hope to get better at flying it, and some upgraded equipment so hopefully we can do another flyover next year and see all the outdoor changes!

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