Porch Refresh | Sources & Cost Breakdown

I shared our front porch refresh earlier this week, and wanted to follow up with a cost breakdown and source list for those looking for a similar look as well as my own resource for when I need to replace something, or just remember where I got it and how much it cost!

Porch Couch Detail
Porch Details
Porch Close-Up
Let’s start with the products I bought.  Unfortunately, the furniture set from Bed, Bath and Beyond is no longer available, but I found something comparable and not a thousand dollars.  The rest are all exact products, but some are on clearance, so they eventually may sell out as well.
Danks & Honey Front Porch Product Board


Outdoor Rug (5’x7’)
4-Piece Conversation Set
Gold Planter
Black Planter
Blue Pillow ($26.99x2)
Black Striped Pillow
Watercolor Palm Leaves Pillow ($33.00x2)
Large Black Lantern
Small Black Lantern
Concrete Citronella Candle
Citron 3 Wick Candle
Large Silver Lantern
Small Silver Lantern
Gold Drum Table
Plants (approximate)



This cost isn’t exactly what I spent.  Some of the items I got a discount on like using a 20% off coupon for the furniture from BBB, and others I already had like the black lanterns which were gifts.  But, it’s a good representation of what it would cost to buy all of these items to recreate this look.
Overall, I’m pretty happy with the cost and extremely happy with the results!

Porch Reveal 1
We continue to love this space and I’m happy I’ve finally gotten it right after almost 4 1/2 years!
If there are any other questions about specific items, or something you see that I didn’t mention, just let me know!  For see all these items, as well as some that I didn’t end up using or things that I might buy in the future, check out my Front Porch board on Pinterest.


  1. Your porch turned out great! I love the colors and that watermelon looks delicious.