Baby Danks is a…

Two weeks ago we had a small cookout for about 25 of our close friends and family (small in terms of our usual parties!) to announce the gender of our baby!  Mike wanted to make “baby” back ribs (ha!) and pork butt sliders and everyone brought a dish to share.  It was an awesome informal gathering and Mike and I felt so lucky to have some many loved ones who are just as happy to share in this exciting time for us.  The kick ass food may have helped too!

I thought of a million different ways to share the news, but in the end I went with my old favorite, a giant balloon!

At the beginning, I'm talking to my mom via Facetime from Florida.

Although I’m only 17 weeks along right now, we chose to get the optional non-invasive chromosomal screening test at 11 weeks and had the option to test for the baby’s gender as well. We received the results less than a week later, and didn’t waste any time ripping open the envelope to see the XY MALE!

Mike and I both had a feeling it was a boy.  Mike based on the fact that he really wanted a son, and mine based on my symptoms ( for example, I had a severe aversion to sweets for the first couple of months).  We're both really excited for our little boy to join our family!

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