I Heart You

While cruising my regular blogs I came across a paper artist, sarah and bendrix, and instantly fell in love.

"fresh new heart"

 "large heart"

"little vintage hearts"

How I would love to have an original piece of artwork like this in my home. I pondered for a long time but couldn't get over the price tag and expected postage from England, especially when I knew I could make something similar myself.

I chose the red "Large Heart" knowing it would look amazing next to the blue in the master bedroom. As far as supplies go, I already had most of what I figured I needed and simply bought red paper (about 4-12"x12" sheets) and a heart paper punch from Hobby Lobby. Total project cost, with a frame, about $30.

I punched out hearts from 3 full sheets, then scored and folded each in half.

With the last sheet of paper, I used the trusty Cricut to cut a heart at the largest size to fit 12"x12". I then cut a section out of the side to mimic the section that's spilling out in the original. I then started gluing the little hearts to the larger one, in a random and overlapping fashion.

I glued and I glued until it was completely filled, then pinned the heart into a black shadow box frame I spray painted white. I then glued three hearts directly onto the backing, then hung it up and swooned.