Sneaky Sneaky

I've been not-so-silently hating my living room color.

If you remember, it was a pretty green that worked with all the other colors in the house. On paper. In real life it was kinda sickly looking, and made me sick when it came time to thinking of curtains and accessories. I wanted to accent with green, not have a green room!

When ever I expressed this opinion to my other half, Mike would give a response similar to his feelings about me painting the kitchen. A big fat "No". He couldn't fathom repainting a room when it was just painted, not weeks before. So what is a girl to do? Wait until her man is away on a golf trip for the weekend and paint the dang thing herself!

I decided to paint it the same color we used in the guest room, mostly because I love the color, and also because we already had almost a full gallon left over sitting in the basement. I figured this would alleviate some of Mike's concerns over my covert redo.

So I made up my mind on a Thursday, one day before Mike was to leave, and enlisted my original partner in crime, my sister, to help with the operation. As Mike and the guys pulled out of the driveway Friday afternoon, Michelle was pulling into the neighborhood from the opposite direction. She helped me move all the furniture into the center of the room, (something that made me appreciate painting the house while it was empty), and gave me the moral support to pull off my secret mission.

As I was painting I noticed, well pretty little actually. The colors are so similar, that the gray almost blended into the green. This was actually very welcoming. I only needed one and a half coats to cover, and it was such a subtle difference that I knew Mike couldn't be too upset with my sneakiness. I actually laughed at how similar the colors were.

In the light it's a huge difference, but in the in the evening when there's little natural light, it's actually very similar.  

Come Sunday afternoon, after carefully removing all evidence and placing the furniture precisely back to it's original location, I sat nervously on the couch while Mike pulled into the drive. After what seemed like ages before he said goodbye to the guys and got his luggage and clubs out of the truck he finally came in and immediately fell on the couch in a heap of exhaustion, (54 rounds of golf in a weekend will do that to you). I gave him about 30 seconds before I asked if he noticed anything different. "Nope", was all he said. As I reigned in the storm clouds that were beginning to form over my head, I very politely pointed out I painted the room. He said he did kind of smell paint fumes, and laid back down. I then went into the steps of my deception, how it only took me 5 hours start to finish, cost only $20, and how I knew I was going to do it before he left. All he said was, "You're crazy". Which is pretty much the response I always get when I start discussing my decorating plans.

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