I Heart Ohio

I've been meaning to try a project I pinned on Pinterest a couple weeks ago and I finally got around to do it:

I've only been to Texas once so I don't really need the 'Everything's Bigger' state in our home, so I thought it would be nice to show homage to our own state and the place where we bought our first nest.

I started by buying a canvas panel from Hobby Lobby for under $10, and grabbed some acrylic paints at about $1 a piece.  I already had the frame from Ikea which was about $20.  So with my wallet $35 lighter, I started my own original art.

I started by printing out an outline of Ohio the size I wanted.  I then did an ol' transfer trick by turning over the printout and using a pencil to draw along the outline on the state.  Then, I turned it over and placed it on the canvas where I wanted it and drew along the outline on the right side and when I picked it up I was left with a light pencil outline of the state.  I tried taking a picture, but the pencil was too light and wasn't able to capture it. 

Instead of the solid background, I chose to do stripes and picked a cheery yellow and just used painters tape to make stripes and painted everything else.  I tried to paint around the state outline and paint lightly so that I didn't get any build-up under the state.

After the yellow paint was dry I then used a small (and cheap) paintbrush to outline the state and just filled it in.

After the blue paint was dry I added a read heart over our home and added it to my frame.

Even though Mike's least favorite color is yellow, I placed it on the shelf above his desk.  I thought for sure I would be re-painting it as soon as Mike saw it, but he actually liked it!  And while I was working in the office I decided to do a little styling of the storage cubes that I placed my cut-out art on last week.  I spray painted an old frame white and added some colorful scrapbook paper, then added an ampersand that I got for sale at Hobby Lobby that also got the spray paint treatment.  It's not much, but it makes that area look a little more put together:


  1. 1, i loooove the art for your home state and have been search for one to by because i thought it would be too hard to DIY. but this, i can totally do!! thank (:

    2, did you DIY the small colorful peice you have in front of your cut out art? do you have a tutorial on that because i absolutely love it.

    3, i just stumbled upon your blog via pinterest and i think its wonderful! thanks for sharing so many great things!

    1. Tina-

      Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by!

      The small frame in the last picture is just some scrapbook paper. It's called Sea Garden by Cosmo Cricket and is one of my favorite designs. I got a couple sheets at my local Michael's, and I'm sure any crafting/scrapbooking store would have it!