50 Shades

Not Grey, but gray.  (I'm sure everyone by now gets that literally reference).

I'm finally going to share why it took 3 different paint colors to finally move-on in the bathroom renovation.  Last time I left off the room was a breezy, bright 'Gentle Tide':

Although it was a little bright for my taste, I was warming up to it.  It definitely gave the room a spa feeling.  I was fine with it until Mike laid out the tile.  All of a sudden it didn't look too good.  The tile had way more yellow than I remembered and it clashed with the walls.  So, while in freak out mode, I grabbed the leftover paint from our master bedroom (Sherwin Williams Uncertain Gray) and painted everything (this time was made a lot harder with the addition of the vanity and lights).

I actually ran out of paint since I had less than a gallon, but it was a good thing because when I finished, the color was looking a little more purple, (especially near the lights) than I wanted.

Back to the drawing board.

I grabbed a bunch of swatches from Sherwin Williams and brought home to sit in the room with the lights and all the fixtures.  Since we had all the tiles already out of the box, I used one of the loose ones to compare.  It was at this point that I noticed something fishy.  The tiles from the boxes were not the same as the sample we were given.  We bought our tiles from a tile store in the clearance section, and we chose the tile based on a sample sheet that was supposed to be the same as the boxes we bought.  The woman at the store wrapped up the sample sheet to a piece of cardboard that we had been running around using to pick colors like paint. 

(This is where I would show you a picture of the two different tiles, but somehow we were short on tiles, so we had to use the different color sample tiles under the vanity toe-kick.  I have pictures of them somewhat hidden, but you'll have to wait until I post about the tile.)  

While I was pretty pissed when I realized the tiles were different, (I actually hated the real tile at first), I was a little relieved that I wasn't going crazy with my paint indecision.  While we weren't able to use the 'Gentle Tide' color, I'm happy with the new direction we're heading.  Which leads me to the third and final color, Sherwin Williams Pewter Tankard.  The color is a little darker than I had originally planned for this room, but I love it.  It's a nice taupe-y color that works well with the finishes we have, as well as the tile.  The pictures read a little more brown/tan than it is in real life, which is more grayish brown, but it's definitely a big difference from the soft greenish blue that we started with. 

And, because I had to work around the lights, (by unscrewing and letting hang down on the wall), which we didn't feel like removing, we were left with a fun reminder of the rest of the colors where the mirrors will eventually go.

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