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Confession: I had my bridesmaids picked out before we were engaged.  Thanks to Pinterest, I even knew how I wanted to ask them. 

I have an awesome group of girlfriends, two are my best friends since grade school, Mike's best friend's wife, (who quickly became my best friend after they made the mistake of introducing us), and my sister, who I asked to be my Maid of Honor.  Each woman is super creative and appreciates beautiful things, so I wanted to make something special to ask them to be a part of our wedding.  I decided to go super girly and not really matching the theme of the wedding.  After all, I was asking all girls, so I wasn't worried about too much pink or ribbons.

I used a couple ideas from Pinterest including a box that had the question written on the lid, (like this one), a note asking them a bunch of questions that relate to being a bridesmaid, (like here), and a couple knick knacks that I found at the craft store, and put them all together in one cute little package.  I also added a little bottle that I filled with some homemade Riesling.

I found a couple different sets of questions that I mixed and matched from that I found important, and then added some of my own that I thought were more me.  I saw a couple that asked things like, "Will you wear your hair anyway I tell you, even if it makes you look ugly?"  Eek!  That's definitely not me, so I instead asked, "Will you keep me calm and remind me that the marriage is more important than the wedding?"  I made little magnets with a logo I made to use on our wedding website.  I just added our wedding date so it actually serves some purpose.  I then threw in a giant diamond paper weight and some mints.  I found a couple Martha Stewart kits on sale, including the tissue paper flowers and a doily banner, that I used to add more layers of girliness. 

The girls know me pretty well, so they kinda all knew something was coming, but it was fun and special to make something for them and too see their reactions opening them! 

I had so much fun making something for my girls, that I decided to make something for Mike to ask his guys.  Obviously, it was the complete opposite of this feminine overload, and didn't have pink or flowers anywhere.  I'll be back to share the groomsmen boxes soon!

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