Pinterest Challenge | Fall Edition

Didn't we just have our last Pinterest Challenge not too long ago?  Where has the time gone?!  Last time I made some string art, (check out all the details here), but we're beginning to run out of finished rooms to put art into, so this time around I thought I'd share a little wedding project that is a little more practical than just art for the house.

Okay, that's a lie, since the project I chose to do isn't practical at all and in Mike's opinion just another reason why I'm crazy.  But in the grand scheme of weddings, is anything really practical?  Besides the I do's, food and dancing, all the other details are just for fun anyways!

A couple weeks ago I showed you the bridesmaid's boxes that I made to ask all my girl's to share the day with me, and I also promised to share the boxes I made for Mike to ask his guys to stand by his side.

It all started with this pin I found of a cute card to ask the big question.

(From The Wedding Chicks and pinned here on Pinterest)

Get it? I Mustache you a question? Eh, maybe I'll shave it for later.

Mustaches are really in and they've always been a funny subject in our house.  Mostly because Mike definitely has a baby face and always looks younger than he is, (not that bad of a problem to have!), and up until a couple years ago, didn't even have to shave because his blond hair didn't really amount to anything substantial.  Well, he must have prayed to the mustache gods, because it seems overnight he started growing one.  The funny part is, that's the only thing he can grow, no beard, or muttonchops, just the mustache.  Unfortunalty, it's a little ridiculous looking, like creepy man in a trench coat looking.  Last year he decided to let it grow for Movember (growing mustaches to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer), and let's just say it was a little embarrassing being seen out in public with him.

Mike started a little early this year and has been rocking the 'stache for a couple weeks now, so when we were coming up with ideas for his groomsmen boxes, we knew mustaches had to be involved.  Finding the cute card of Pinterest was just the jumping off point we needed.

I wanted it to be very manly, and obviously incorporate Mike's homebrewing, so I used mustaches as the theme and put together a little box with a couple small gifts for the boys.

I used the free template card mostly because it was free and really was cute, and taped it inside of the lid of a shipping box from Office Max.  I labeled a bottle of homebrew with a custom label I made and etched a pint glass with a mustache.  We also added a cigar, that's not in the photo.

To make the glasses, I used my cricut to cut a mustache out of vinyl.  I used the negative space to create a stencil for etching a pint glass, (I got 4 of them from the Dollar Store and they are surprisingly heavy duty).  I used Amour Etch, (which I bought at Micheal's ages ago and really lasts a long time), and a cheapy sponge brush.

Since vinyl is expensive, and masking tape is cheap, I've always cut close to the design and just tape around it so that I get the most out of my vinyl.

I just rub all the edges to make sure it's completely secure (unlike that stupid bubble in the photo - urgh!), then apply a thick layer of etching cream, and wait 5 minutes or so, (whatever the label says), and wash off under some water.  I keep the stencil on until I wash everything off, then remove the tape and vinyl and then dry it all.

I wanted something cute for the guys, but not something ugly that the wives and girlfriends had to live with.

I made a label for a bottle of Mike's homebrew with a list of why the guys were chosen.  Obviously, we have low standards, (just kidding groomsmen!).

To finish it off, I added the little mustache vinyl cutout from the etching project to the top of the lid and wrote the boy's name.

Obviously, the boys didn't have the same reactions as my girls.  There weren't any tears, but there were man hugs and bottles getting cracked open, so they were still a success!

If you want to check out what everyone else did for the challenge, go check out the host's pages!

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  1. This is really lovely, it looks dead professional xox

  2. I love this idea so much!! I wish I'd thought of something like this for my wedding :)