Basement Bathroom Breakdown

I'm working my way through the basement.  Last time I talked about the giant decisions in the little nook and the plans for making our stairs work double time as built-in storage.  Now we're heading into the bathroom to show you the demo and drawing out layouts.

Looks a little different than last time.

We've torn everything out of the bathroom and created a "blank slate" for the new fixtures.  Besides the tile that was throughout, on the right side is where the vanity and mirror was taken out.  Mike has to move the sink plumbing further to the right, and add all the plumbing for the new toilet in the corner.

A couple days earlier.

The left side was where the toilet and shower was.  Mike tore everything out and has to layout the new larger shower stall and build a cabinet behind that for some extra storage (where the stack pipe is now).  The shower plumbing will most likely be against the wall (in the left hand side of the photo) so that we can have an access panel hidden in the closet.

Here's the view through the mirror of the shower side before demo.

Mike is insisting on jack-hammering the floor from the bathroom all the way through the family room to replace the old clay pipe to PVC.  We don't know for sure where it is, but we're assuming it follows a path like this:

We won't know until we start cutting the bathroom floor up. Mike's stance is, if we spend all this time and money to renovate the basement we have to do it right.  It would also totally suck if the pipe decided to crack and leak after we put the new flooring down.  I guess a little bit of extra time and money is the best insurance of that not happening.  Also, he has to cut up the floor to move the toilet, (my insistence), so I'm technically the reason for all the concrete cutting in the first place so I'm not complaining too much.

We have the toilet, vanity, and shower picked out, so once Mike's ordered them and has exact measurements he can start cutting everything up.  We're probably looking at the long weekend ahead.  Since cutting concrete and plumbing are our ideas of a good time I'll take plenty of pictures to share soon!

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