Beauty is in the Eye of the Bee-holder.

So many bee puns, I just can't help myself.

Last week was surprisingly awesome for Northeast Ohio autumn.  It was 60's and even some sun.  Of course we were forced to do all our fall yardwork and rake all our leaves the week before, (during little Sandy's visit), since we only have one city pick-up, so we didn't have anything to do but enjoy the weather! 

We decided to take a little peek at our bees to see how they were faring and if they were enjoying the weather as well.  We will start to officially winterize soon, (it's been getting cooler and cooler at night), but I just wanted to check them out to see what they were up to.  I brought my camera back and was happy to see that they were still really active and buzzing away.

Since last year we had a weaker hive, (and a mild winter), and sadly they didn't make it, we were happy to see such a huge difference in the comb production this year.

We haven't taken any honey from the hive so that they have enough supplies for the winter, but we're hoping come spring time we'll have the first batch of honey to finally enjoy!

Mike's come up with a pretty cool winterizing set-up for the bees, so when it's time I'll be sure to tag along and get some pictures of his crazy methods.


  1. Is Mike going to use the honey for his beer making?

    1. That's the plan. We actually got the bees after a friend in the homebrew club talked about his. Not sure if we'll get enough for just a batch here or there, or if we'll have enough for some mead down the road. Either way, I'll make sure Mike shares!