Basement Bathroom | Installation of Ikea Vanity

I recently blogged about the general progress made in the basement, I posted a picture that hinted at some major progress in the bathroom.

That's right we have a working toilet!

After my trip to Ikea, Mike finished the floor trim around the bathroom.  He even graciously allowed me to paint it before installing the toilet and vanity.  Although, he did end up jumping the gun a little and installed the vanity before I had touched up the wall paint, but you'll never see it so I'm okay with it, (I paint the trim first, not caring about getting it on the wall, then go back with the wall paint to get a nice crisp line on top, if anyone was wondering).

Once the trim was crisp white the toilet and Ikea vanity went in.  Mike attached the vanity to the wall and siliconed the front feet to the floor to prevent it from moving at all.  He also installed my mirror and I have to admit it's just as awesome in person.

I would have liked it to be a little larger to fit over the vanity below, but I still love it and to be honest, no one's going to be using this bathroom to put make-up on or anything so a big mirror wasn't necessary.

I love the industrial feel of the light and I think the mirror is just enough industrial to tie it together with  the vanity.

I was so excited to have running water and wanted to get a picture of the mirror and light together that I even snapped a rare photo of myself in the new mirror.  I figured a dusty bathroom mirror is enough to hide any blemishes, so why not?

I would like to say that installing an Ikea vanity to standard hookups was seamless, but we knew going in, (from reading about Ikea vanity horror stories online), that it was going to be a bitch.  And, they didn't lie.  Mike was stressed for a good 2 days about how he was going to fit the included Ikea drain and trap.  Mike wasn't happy with the design, so he decided to modify it a bit.  The original trap is designed in a configuration that allows full drawers.  Mike decided to change it and then modified the drawers to fit around the new trap.   

The top drawer comes with pieces to install dividers.  So Mike used some of these pieces to divide the drawer into a configuration that allowed him to remove the center section to fit the trap.  Since we have a ton of storage, much more than we need, in this second bathroom, I wasn't worried at all about giving up this small section. 

The bottom drawer remained the same.  I still don't know what I'll use these drawers for since I've already planned to use the built-in as a surplus storage for toilet paper and paper towels.  Maybe I'll become a couponer and get crates of toothpaste or something and store it down here.  We actually recently had to use our "travel kit" toothpaste for much longer than I'd like to admit because I kept forgetting to grab some at the grocery store.

The toilet is the same model as the one in the upstairs bathroom.  We love the style and the included soft-close lid, as well as the higher-efficiency model.

The trim on the other side of the room, as well as the window is done, but the holes need filled and sanded before I can paint.  I gave Mike and myself until the end of the month to get the basement done, so I should keep my end of the bargain and get my paint on!

Currently the storage and shower is used to store more construction supplies.  Painting this bad boy is going to be a pain in the ass, but I'll be happy when we can call at least one part of this giant renovation done. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this post and your experience. Your bathroom is coming along rather nicely. I am also currently in the midst of remodeling my bathroom. I have been looking for nice bathroom vanity mirrors to compliment the tiles I just put down. I am really excited to see the finished bathroom when I am done.

  2. Well done, the post is very detailed and the bathroom looks professional. Mike you did great idea to divide the drawer preventing to hit the trap and also you did nice paint.

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