Weekend Adventures

This past weekend was a big project and adventure filled blur.  I'll explain more later this week, but I wanted to share it all in one place first. 

It started with a trip to the scrap yard.  I'm not going to do a post or anything about it, but I've only been a couple times, and each time it's such an adventure.

Somehow everyone knows what to do and where to go, even though it's just a bunch of piles of scrap.  Scales, unloading, and money at the end, it's awesome!  It's also scary and sketchy at the same time. 

The reason we finally made a trip to drop the extra metal scrap we had lying around, (we usually make a trip ever year or so), was because Mike had to get the garage ready for some remediation.  I'll go into more detail later, but Mike spent yesterday morning moving everything in the garage to the center for access around the walls. 

Hopefully it'll all be back to normal by the end of the week.

Thankfully we had some pretty nice weather to work out in the garage and move things around outside, because we also got our new bees!

We've got a brand new hive and big plans for a new area for them.  Dropping the bees into the new hive was easy compared to the next task of extracting all the honey from our old hive, ugh, we spent most of Saturday and some of Sunday and we're only about half way done.  We're probably going to break down and get a machine extractor for the fall, because doing it by hand is so much work!

The final adventure was a trip to Ikea!  Like I've said, the closet one is an hour and 45 minutes away, so it takes some planning.  We had some items from the kitchen that needed returned and some organizational things I've been needing to get the kitchen in better shape.  Thank goodness we can close the doors and no one knows that some shelves are packed with random things, while some are completely empty!  Can't wait to get my organizing on!  I also had a gift card from some friends, so I definitely reminded myself to get some fun things too, (as if that was a problem!).

It was a little bittersweet because it being Mother's Day there were a ton of mother-daughter shopping partners.  I did call my mom to check in what's happening down in Florida and spent almost the entire ride over talking, which made the trip seem to go be super fast.  I also shared on Instagram one of my favorite photos of my mom which was taken by my brother at our wedding.

Happy Mother's Day to one of the classiest mom's I know! 

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