So, I've made some changes...obviously, right?

You'll remember back in January, I tried to move the blog.  I'll be the first to admit I have no idea what I'm doing over here.  I think of something, then google the heck out of it until I find a way to do it.  I thought the only way to change the blog name, address, layout, etc., etc. was to create a new one.  The problem was, a lot of people that come to my site are from features and in the age of Pinterest, I wasn't getting any organic traffic.  It was still coming through here.  So, yesterday I went into my settings and started playing around.  I was able to completely change everything exactly as I wanted it (in like 20 minutes!) and I didn't have to waste all my time creating a new site, go figure!

I still am glad I was able to work behind the scenes to get all my photos back from the big wipe out, but I wish I had known I would be able to change everything here. 

Just wanted to stop into let everyone know what's going on!  Sorry, to confuse anyone, read above - I really make this stuff up as I go, and don't always know what I'm doing, while I'm doing it.

I've got to clean up some double posts, but if you didn't make the move, check out our kitchen progress from the last couple of months!  Oh, and welcome to Danks and Honey!!

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