Oh My Stockholm, It’s Here

We’ve been laying pretty low here for the last couple of months.  It’s weird for us not to have major projects going on.  We’ve been enjoying the nice weather as much as possible, and no matter what the back to school ad’s say, summer is not over in my book.

We have been looking forward to August in the house progress sense because like I mentioned back in June, we had a glass cabinet coming our way.

Like I said, I bought it while down in Florida knowing that while it wouldn’t fit on the airplane with me, my dad was planning a trip up here for a dirt bike race.  We’re excited he’s in town, (Mike’s already mentioned hopes for golfing and dirt bike riding), we were also very excited to finally have our cabinet!  It’s kind of funny because along with the 4 Ikea boxes, he was also responsible for transporting a sewing machine, kitchen mixer, and multiple family heirloom dishes for my sister and I.  No pressure or anything!  He, along with all the precious cargo, made it here on Wednesday, and we spent no time putting it together.

Of course there was only about 4 minutes before I started filling it a little so I took some really quick photos in some crappy lighting around 9pm last night to share. 


It was pretty easy to put together for Ikea standards, the only issue was it’s all glass so I was freaking out more than I should and Mike was deliberately egging me on.  The only advice I would give is to lay out a big area on a rug or carpet, we put it together in the living room.

The profile is pretty much the same as the small table we stuck there ages ago.

IMG_3194 IMG_3088

The beige looks a little more gray than what the typical “Ikea white” is.  I compare our Adel kitchen cabinets to the standard “Ikea white”.  This definitely has a more gray undertone.  Not bad, just not what I was expecting.

I used some tall bottles of wine and whiskey to determine shelving heights, but unlike the kitchen cabinets where you have to get pliers and a death grip to remove those stupid little pegs, these come out pretty easy.  They also come with little rubber covers so that the glass sits on those rather than metal.  The cabinet also comes with two holes on the top for optional lights to be installed.  We hadn’t planned on it, but it’s nice if we want to.


It’s nice to have the glass sides because it doesn’t seem so bulky, if that makes sense.  I’m sure it’ll feel more substantial once it’s full.


I plan to fill it tonight, mostly because I got ambitious and brought all the liquor up from the basement, and now our counter looks like this:

liquor for days

So yeah, I think we’ve got enough bottles to work with!

I’m hoping filling this cabinet finally gives me the motivation to take photos of the kitchen this weekend.  We don’t have any social plans, so I’m hoping I get time to squeeze in a little photo shoot.  Happy weekend!

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