My Dad's Kitchen De-Wallpapered

The wallpaper’s gone! 



I picked up the paint and dropped it off at my dad’s last night and all the wallpaper was officially gone.  I had been over a few times during the process and it looked like it was coming off pretty easily, as far as wallpaper goes.  My aunt pulled the wallpaper off, then scored and watered down the backing, then scraped that off.  They did have some problems with the wall directly across from the kitchen.  It’s the wall to the garage, and for some reason it pulled up some of the plaster when the wallpaper come off.  My dad and uncle did some skim coating and sanding to prep for paint, and it looks back to normal.

The dining room looks much brighter without the wallpaper.



I convinced my dad it was time to remove the sheers on the french doors. 


He admitted they were there when he bought the house, (20 years ago!).  They were screwed onto the doors, so my dad took the opportunity to fill the screw holes and paint the door to match the trim.  They were wet when I stopped by, but he’ll add the decorative muntins back on when they’re dry.


It was almost 7pm when I stopped by, so most of my light was artificial and it still has a warmer cast to it, but in real life it’s more white.  You can still see that the trim is an off-white color and I think the paint colors we chose will make those pop, just as much if they were white.  We went with the Sherwin Williams Collonade Gray for above the chair rail, like the mood board, but changed the bottom color to SW Taupe Tone which didn’t have the green undertones as our first choice Ethereal Mood.

I also got a picture of the light I discussed in my first post.  This is the overhead light in the kitchen.  It uses 6 specialty lights, and generally looks pretty dated.


My dad gave the thumbs up to the 2 lighting options I picked in the mood board, so I’ll pick those up this weekend.


I’ve ordered new hardware, my dad will start painting soon, and I’ve measured the area for the tile backsplash. 

We should have some dramatic progress here soon!  Until then, here’s how much removing the wallpaper and some dated accessories has changed the room already.



Next time I’ll probably have some paint after’s as well as new lighting.

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