Dad’s New Paint

As I mentioned last week when I showed the new hardware, we have paint! 


We stayed close to the same color tone as the original wallpaper, so it’s not as dramatic as say a dark navy.  But, the new paint color definitely feels fresher and updated.


The wallpapers pink tones didn’t do the cherry cabinets and table any favors, but now the gray/olive tones feel complimentary, without making the room feel pink.  As a reminder, we went with Collonade Gray on the top and Taupe Tone below, both from Sherwin Williams.

My sister and I convinced my dad to move his beloved fern.  It was too big for the corner, and made it look dark.  I also convinced my dad to remove the sheer curtains on the french doors.  He admitted they were there when he bought the house! 


He added some new artwork and a smaller plant to the corner, and it now looks much better.

The chair rail used to blend into the wallpaper colors, and to be honest, you never really noticed it because all you saw were the pink flowers.  Now the chair rail is an architectural detail and is defined by the two contrasting, but similar toned colors.



My dad is a big fan of wine, so he moved some wine artwork that was in the living room to the more appropriate dining room.

The dining room is almost complete and will be finished with the replacement of the lighting over the table.  It’s actually already been installed, I just need to go over to get some photos to share!


The dining room finally looks more like my dad’s personality and isn’t overgrown with pink cherry blossoms anymore!

We’re trying to coordinate the backsplash installation which will complete the kitchen side of this makeover, but I’ll check in soon with the lighting updates which I think will make a big difference to both rooms.

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