Blast from the Past

I recently was shown a picture of our house before the siding and roof were updated.  This would have been what the previous owner purchased.

robindale old photo
We knew from the old garage that it was probably gray and maroon, but seeing it like this is still crazy.  What’s crazier is the enclosed porch!  We never knew!

I have to admit that if we saw this house during out search, we may not have taken a second glance.  The siding and roof were replaced after a hail storm with an insurance claim, as were a lot of other houses in our neighborhood from what we’ve heard.

Here’s what it looked like when we bought it (except for the stair carpet – that was changed before we came along):

Exterior Before
We’ve done a lot on the inside, and a few things on the outside like a new front door, removing the walkway to the street and some basic gardening, (not to mention removing that chimney):

Now that the insides mostly done, this summer is all about the outside!  I’ll share my plans soon, but let’s just say it’s going to make our mailman, and neighbors very happy!

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  1. Nothing like using old reliable. It's good that you are taking the time to repair your roof before the rains come in. I do hope it all holds out, though it would be better if no major weather disturbance comes along. Anyway, take care!

    Betsy Keller @ Above All Roofing Inc.