Today was the Great Garage Demolition. Mike and a couple of his friends took great pleasure in destroying our termite-infested, musty-smelling, dark, too-small shed that someone tried to pass off as a garage. I took great pleasure in watching the annihilation from the safety of the house out of the rain/snow mix.

Here’s a before picture to remind you what the offensive structure looked like before:

The men started by tearing down the addition that was added to the back. This was done by knocking down the plywood siding, then cutting the studs, leaving a couple supports, then tying some toe straps to the supports and pulling it down. Here’s a shot of the missing back:

Here’s a shot looking through the front to the gaping hole in the back:

Now for the main structure Mike had spent countless hours planning the demo. From the tools needed to the fall pattern of the roof. His plans even included tying a toe strap to the truck and pulling it down that way. I won’t mention that throughout all this planning I said that I figured if you cut enough out of it, a few capable men could pull it down. I won’t mention that. In the end that’s exactly what happened and the guys could have huffed and puffed and blew it down, it was so unstable.

And of course I was on hand with the camera to catch it on video!

At the end of the day we had a full dumpster, empty garage site, no major injuries, and thankful hearts for all of our friends that came out to help! Thanks again to Kyle, Tony, Kyle, Kevin, and even our neighbor Chris (not pictured) for pitching in to help Mike and I!

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  1. Cool video, you should have added a sound track with a giant "BLAM". Hard work always makes the job more satisfing in the end. Great Job....