Concrete Poured

There hasn’t been any progress on the actual porch as we’re waiting for a lost shipment of materials to arrive.  But, we do have progress!

Our walkway was poured!


You’ll remember that we tore out the walkway, almost 5 years ago, that went to the street because we knew we would rather have something from the driveway.  I then designed something curvy and Mike dug out the grass


After the grass was removed, Mike formed up the actual walkway.


The walkway is 3 feet wide, and then fans out a little wider as it turns to the porch for a pad for the future precast stairs (which have been ordered and should be installed next week).

We had planned for a Saturday morning pour, but with the threat of rain, Mike called it Friday afternoon and scheduled the truck for delivery at 5:00pm Friday evening.   

We actually went in with our neighbor because he wanted to widen his driveway for a basketball hoop. I hung around waiting to see if I would be needed, (and I love watching concrete work being done!) and snapped some photos of his project.


Mike was schooled on how to drive the buggy like 5 minutes before he had to hop on and get to work. 


I snapped some pictures to show how great he was doing, and literally 5 minutes later this happened!


The concrete was very wet and poured out of the buggy so fast!  Luckily, our project was next and it didn’t require the buggy.


Mike just poured right into the wheelbarrow and wheeled it over. 


And, it was around this time I had to go inside to get ready for dinner plans I had with some of my girlfriends.  I might have felt a little bad, but this being a last minute pour so they were on their own!  The truck driver actually helped Mike considerably, and when the guys were done across the street, they came over too to help finish.   These were taken on Monday after the forms were pulled and sealer was applied.


For those that aren’t aware of concrete delivery, there’s a small load charge for anything under a certain yardage, and a weekend charge can be added too.  Since we switched to Friday we didn’t have to incur the weekend charge, but knowing our projects weren’t that big, Mike worried that we might get hit with a small load charge.  So, what do you think he did?  Found more concrete to pour! 

There were two sections of our sidewalk that got cracked when the dirt was delivered during the garage/backyard project.  So, Mike tore that out and poured a new section.


I’m so glad we’ve got a walkway now, but I’m itching for stairs, and our materials to get here so that we can have a normal looking house again!


But that also means I’ll have to get out there and transplant all the plants back to that area and mulch, so maybe I don’t mind waiting for a little bit longer!

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