The Bleeping Porch

I mentioned we’re focusing on the outdoors this summer now that the insides are all remodeled.  After 5 years, we’re finally going to get a front walkway to the porch!

This picture is pretty deceiving because those stairs go down to a concrete slab then straight to the grass, it’s so cute to watch all the confused kids at Halloween whose parents told them to only walk on the sidewalks!  

Back when we were building the garage, we had our friend tear up the walkway that went out to the sidewalk, which never made sense to us.


We knew we would someday add one that went to the driveway. Well almost 5 years later, we’re finally getting around to it!

There’s a couple problems though, which is the reason we’ve been putting off this project.  First, we knew we would be replacing the stairs.  I didn’t get a recent photo before Mike tore them off, but the carpet was moldy and gross, not to mention very unstable.  Also, the siding went all the way into the dirt.  This is a major no-no.  So, we knew we would have to address this as well.

We were dreading what was underneath knowing from experience, this house has many shoddy shortcuts hidden underneath the visible. 

Our fears were confirmed when we found termite damage, poorly supported beams, and worst of all, a giant 2’ drop in elevation that slopped towards the house.

We started demo over the weekend and started by removing the siding, then Mike removed the old siding underneath, (the light green stuff). 

We were able to procure some clay material so we shoveled some underneath to fill in the large hole.  I stayed on the outside, while Mike fought spiders and the confined space to even it all out.  We got 3 truck loads in there over the weekend, but Mike thinks he’d like 1 more to be safe.

While the right side supports were half-way decent, the left side showed significant termite damage.  Ugh!  Luckily, it was old damage, and live termites weren’t visible (we have had other areas of the house/garage treated in the past).  Mike removed the post holding up the pillar and used some temporary posts to hold the roof up.   

The damage went back the entire right side to the house.  Not only were some boards completely covered in termite damage, all of them were barely touching the ground, we were able to move them back and forth a couple inches without any resistance.  Meaning the main post sitting under the pillar was the only thing supporting this side of the porch.  You know, the one that was completely ruined by termites.  Mike has always described walking on the porch as “spongy” feeling.  Now we know why!

This center 2x4 saw the most damage.

In the middle of demo we even contemplated tearing the whole thing down and starting from scratch.  In the end, we decided to remove the outside envelope and replace/add more supports as needed.

We got hit by rain on both Saturday and Sunday, but between downpours we were able to get all the demo done.

I feel slightly bad for our neighbors for this view, but they all know that something much better is on the other side of this project. 

This week Mike’s going to price out and get the materials for rebuilding everything and we’re also going to finalize our plans for the new look.  I’ll share our plans for the front later this week, as well as the rest of the yard!

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  1. That’s too bad about the termite-infested support. Though it’s good that you were able to discover that, rather than build around the damage and have problems later. At least you now have the chance to make it more structurally sound, on top of making the porch and the house look better than before. Good luck!

    Alta Peng @ Liberty Pest Inc.