Alternative to Gold Spray Paint

I have a confession: I hate spray paint.

What’s more is I’m not very good at it. This doesn’t mean I don’t use it; there are projects that just require spraying, rather than brushing. But I’m impatient: I spray too close, too much, and don’t wait between coats.

The last thing I spray painted was a larger frame for my ‘All the Cool Kids’ print above the fauxdenza.

Living Room Fauxdenza Christmas

From afar, it’s a little more copper’y than gold, and close up, there are definitely some drip spots even though I showed restraint and did several light coats.

When it came time to paint the frames Mike made me for some quick brush stroke art for our bedroom, I wasn’t excited to get the gold spray paint out again. That, and winter has finally showed up in the Northeast and it was snowing all weekend.


I searched Pinterest and found this pin with an oil-based product from Rust Oleum. I sent it to Mike while he was running errands, and while at Ace he found their brand equivalent: Ace Artistic Finishes Metallic Finish ($8 for a 1/2 Pint). I didn’t want to make him run around more, so I figured I’d give it a try.

I wasn’t going to do post on these frames exactly, but while I was painting the frames, I realized how awesome this stuff was so I took some iPhone photos.


The paint looks like liquid gold leaf and is very opaque even after only 1 coat.


I actually ended up doing 2 coats mostly to even out the frames (I may have gotten a little lazy when I was sanding these because it was so cold out in the garage) and 1 coat of shellac to protect after it dried overnight. 



I love the gold sheen and will definitely use this paint on smaller paint projects.  I even like it better than the Martha Stewart Gold Metallic Paint that I used to makeover my mouse pad because of the coverage and in my opinion it’s got a better sheen.  Hope this helps those spray paint incompetent, gold-lovers like me!


  1. Great job on the frames...and for sharing a great new product. I love to silver leaf and can't wait to use this product in my adventures.

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