Hummel House | Entry, Bath & Living Room

Yesterday I introduced my sister and brother in law, Michelle and Keith’s new house and today I’ll share the first couple of rooms, the ones you see first when you are entering the house.  We’ll start in the entry.

Hummel House Entry - Before
The front door is this awesome set of French doors with tons a natural light from the windows.  The orangish door is the garage door with a set of closet doors to the left.  Chelle and I agree that the space to the right will be a perfect spot for a shallow table and mirror.

Hummel House Entry - Before 2
Looking straight ahead after you enter the doors is the family room (with the wrinkly carpet), the kitchen peaking in on the left (the bright green color and black and white tiles), the basement door in front on the left, and the half bath on the right.

Moving into the half bath, is a smaller builder-grade bath without any natural light, that can use some personality with some paint, maybe a new vanity, light fixtures and mirror.

Hummel House Half Bath - Before
Coming back out through the entry and making a right (across from the garage door if you need reference) is the living room.

Hummel House Living Room - Before
It’s a dozy, mostly because of THAT RED!  I can’t knock them because ages ago we somehow convinced my mom that a similar shade of red would be an awesome color to paint our living room in our childhood home, but that was a long time ago and it’s a dated trend that makes rooms look a little obnoxious.  What’s especially important is how the red relates to other features in the room.  It’s definitely not doing any favors to that orangey oak floor.

Chelle is thinking some great big built-ins along this wall and a nicer seating area for entertaining and occasional TV watching.

Hummel House Living Room - Before 2
Looking back to the entry, you can see the stairs to the second story and this little area that we haven’t really figured out what to do with yet.  I’m thinking once the built-ins and major furniture is in, we can reevaluate the left over space and see what we should do.

Hummel House Living Room - Before 1
The dining room is next to the living room and we’ll share that space with the kitchen tomorrow.

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