Hummel House | Guest Bath & Bedrooms

This morning we’re moving our tour of the Hummel House upstairs to the bedrooms.

Hummel House Living Room - Before 2

The red continues up the stairs to the small hallway at the top.  To the left is the guest bathroom.  It’s dark, with no natural light, and dated.  Not much else can be said about it.

Hummel House Guest Bath - Before

Hummel House Guest Bath - Before 2

The problem in here is the pink tile, toilet, and vanity.  Like I said, Michelle and Keith aren’t looking to do major renovations, so we’ll have to work with the tile in the shower at least, and hope to use paint and accessories to upgrade the other fixtures if they are to stay.

On the other side of the small hallway are the guest bedrooms.  One will be used for guests, while the other is made into an office.  Below is the guest room.  The room is pretty inoffensive with white trim, dark gray carpet, and builder-grade closet doors. 

Hummel House Bed2 - Before 1

Hummel House Bed2 - Before

The plan is to use paint and furniture to make this room welcoming to guests (maybe even me if I have a couple too many glasses of wine!).

The other room is similar, if not a little smaller.  And green.  Really, that’s the only way to tell these two rooms apart at this point.

Hummel House Bed3 - Before 1

Hummel House Bed3 - Before 2

Hummel House Bed3 - Before

This room will be an office/craft area and I’m looking forward to helping Michelle set up an area for her to get her craft on!  It’s like a rite of passage in my family to get a crafting area, starting with my Grandma, to my mom, and me. 

Tomorrow we’ll finish up the tour with the master bedroom and bath, and then it’s on to the grand plans!

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