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Now that I’ve introduced you to my latest project, let’s get into the plan. 

But real quick, we need to talk about our house master plan.  If/when we have kids, the plan is to use the bedroom that I use as my office for the nursery.  Since we don’t have that many overnight guests, we’ll eliminate having a guest room and move the office into the now guest room/dressing room. 
With this in mind, I knew any new office plans/furniture would need to work in the current guest room.  I basically designed my office in the guest room space and then made those pieces work in the current office, that way if we switch it over, everything works!

I’ve been collecting a lot of inspiration, and there are a few common themes.  Here are some that I’ve been pinning for the last year or so.


All of my inspiration rooms are mostly white with accents of black/dark blues and wood.  This is similar to the aesthetic on our main floor, most notably our kitchen, and something that I’ve been wanting to bring upstairs.  I feel like crafting supplies and accessories are colorful on their own, and can be a little overwhelming, so a neutral background is my preference.

Luckily I was able to create a new desk and add a lot more storage options with this in mind.  Here are the pieces that I’ve either bought or planning to bring into the room:

The large items like the shelving unit and desk hail from Ikea and will help keep the room from feeling too heavy.  The butcher block top will bring in the natural elements and provide a large workplace that I’m used to.  The chair is also from Ikea and is something I’ve had for years and love.  I have had both wheeled and stationary chairs and prefer wheeled for quickly moving to grab something on the other side of the room.

The rug is something that’s been purchased and I’m looking forward to adding something a little more comfortable and a lot more stylish/mature in the room.  All while keeping in mind that I share the room with the litter box and loose pieces of litter are just a reality.  This rug will sweep up well (which I do A LOT for the above reason) and will camouflage anything between.

I plan to bring in plants (real) and gold/brass accents (fake) and color with accessories.

My timeline is still very loose on this project.  I have to pare down a lot of supplies like scrapbooking paper which I have a lot of, but surprisingly have never scrapbooked!  Once I clear a lot of it out I can then paint and switch out the large pieces, which is another hurdle since it took 3+ people to bring in some of the larger pieces in the room and it’s just me now!

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