Office Makeover | Introduction

It’s been three months since Mike’s been in Chicago and I’ve basically taken a break from life (including blogging obviously).  I thought I’d have all this alone time to get shit done and do some things that I want to do like crafting or something, but I found myself in kind of a funk.  That all sounds a little more depressing than it really is, but getting into a new routine at home, where I was responsible for my regular chores plus Mike’s, took some time.   It’s taken awhile, but I think I’ve finally figured it out and I’m back to my old self, which means I’m itching to start a project!

I’ve been brainstorming an office makeover for literally years.  Besides small changes, like a new chair, here and there I haven’t done anything to it since we moved in.  My style and interests have changed, which means the office just doesn’t work for me anymore.  

Here’s the photos I have on the Home Tour page:




I painted it beige (Bungolow Beige SW7511), brought in my old crafting area, made a desk for Mike, and added the cube storage and then literally never updated it.

Here’s how it looks today, without any cleanup, styling, or general care for putting this on the internet:




As you can see the organization has gotten a little out of hand.  When we moved in I was mostly just paper crafting, but now I do a lot more and while I still love paper crafting, it’s not the main use of this space.  Which is probably why the cube organization still looks relatively neat – I don’t use it that much.

Another major problem is I share this room with the litter box.  Which is less than ideal.


This does force me to keep it clean, but all the mess that is associated with it is a pain.  Plus I don’t think kitty litter bins are exactly in style.

I’ve got some plans and basically all the furniture is getting upgraded and adding in more storage that’s not specific to any one type of crafting.  I’ll share the major plans soon, I just figured if I put this idea out on the blog, it’ll give me even more motivation to get it done!

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