Home (Semi) Sweet Home

Welcome to our blog! By our blog I mean I (Mallory), will be posting, photographing, tagging, and general bloggy things, while Mike contributes by nodding and pacifying me when I tell him about my ideas. Though the blogging was mainly my idea, what we both agreed on was the need for an outlet to share the progress of the renovations to our first house. Our goal is keep our family and friends up to date on our improvements, and blogging is a lot easier than making a million phone calls every week.

For those of you who’ve already heard all the details of our home shopping experience please proceed to the next paragraph. For those who haven’t logged onto Facebook, talked to either Mike or I in the last couple months, or generally been living under a rock, let me enlighten you. We started casually looking about mid-summer last year. After Mike’s job situation changed in October, we put the house hunting on hold for a while. Cue the ever-helpful mother. My mom’s friend had become the executor of her aunt’s estate and was selling a house in on the east side, coincidentally where my mother grew up. My mom probably mentioned this to me five of six times before I finally agreed to look at pictures on-line. The price was right and Mike and I were hooked. We set up an appointment to view it and instantly saw the potential. Though there were things we didn’t like, like the one car drive-way and uncomfortably small distance between us and the neighbors, we got right to the point of making an offer when we chickened out.

Although the house wasn’t for us, we did realize we were ready for a house and with the $8,000 tax credit dangling in front of us like a carrot, there wasn’t a better time to jump into the market. I decided to visit my old friend Zillow and began the tedious task of searching again. What I found was an old, and I mean old - 83 years to be exact, colonial less than 10 blocks from the original house. Now is the time that I would begin all the horror stories of purchasing, but truth be told we didn’t really have any. Yes, it was difficult and stressful, but it was pretty painless and ended up with our counter offer accepted and new homeowners! After picking up our keys, we ran inside and after the giddiness wore off (about 2 minutes later) we went to work making our mental list of the work that need to completed. Though we’re fortunate to have our apartment until the end of May we still understand we have a long road ahead of us before the big move-in.

We hope you enjoy our upcoming posts and please feel free to leave comments, being new to this blogging it'll really make our day!


  1. Home Ownership is a lot of work and responsibility but brings much joy in life. Home sweet home... Where you can scratch where it itches...

  2. great place to share! thanks for the link!

  3. Home Sweet Home!!! WOW!!! You are doing great things with it. The hard work is paying off. I hope I get up there this year to see it.

  4. You two are doing a great job. I am glad you are getting the guest room ready for me. Your blog wad great, as you are!